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Looking for an authentic Tantric Massage? A full Tantric body massage healing through pressure points, Ayurvedic massage and energy. Feel reenergised, revitalised, achieve a state of inner harmony and balance. Working with all genders and based in Leicester.

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Independent Practitioner
Tantric Healing Practitioner
Qualified Massage Therapist
Intimacy Coach
Online Sessions Offered
Genders Catered To:
Male & Female & Trans & Non-binary

Hari has been practicing yoga, ayurveda, meditation and reiki for many years and is also a qualified Tantric massage therapist.

He has been practicing massage for 9 years now, initially trained in Rishikesh, India and recently qualified with Somanananda Tantra School in Estonia. All of his treatments in tantric massage vary from client to client as all requirements are different.

He carries out a health consultation prior to the massage to determine what is required to help with healing. The massages last for around 2.5hours and he ensures the whole body is massaged including pressure points and energy flow also please note that a yoni or lingam massage maybe included if required.

The end goal of the massage is always spiritual and to make the person more prepared for a higher spiritual goal, this is not a sexual service nor is this is an erotic massage.

Recognising blockages in chakras and how to cleanse them is something he finds naturally and is able to tackle most situations. He ensures that the client is always comfortable and ensures a good flow of communication throughout the treatment. There are many ways in which he balances the yin and yang within a client and has seen some astonishing results which can be physical, emotional or mental.

Most individuals these days have blockages. They can be physical, energetic, emotional, mental, sexual or psychosomatic in nature, and the root cause can vary from person to person. They can form from everyday repetitive habits and experiences from painful memories or events that get compounded over the years or simply due to deep-rooted psychosomatic issues. A sexual blockage, for example, can manifest as an inability to reach deep states of orgasm, pain during intercourse, which has no apparent physical basis and a lack of sexual desire. These blockages can be removed through a tantric massage which as well as the physical body heals the pranic body and layers above that.

In modern society, acute stress and perpetual lack of self-confidence lead to chronic tension in the body which culminate into blockages of various kinds and qualities. This blocks the circulation of life-giving blood and life-force energy within the being and in turn decreases our capacity to lead a healthy, happy and normal life. Our health and wellbeing, relationships, emotional balance, mental stability and sexual potential can suffer tremendously with one if afflicted by stress and blockages.

Luckily, Tantra massage is served as a great gift to modern people, providing whole body healing, a sexual renewal and a spiritual awakening. The role of a Tantra massage is to promote free circulation of the pranic and sexual energies which produces a myriad of mystical effects in a human being. Fears and blockages will be released, inner conflicts resolved and a new lease on love, life and sexuality unveiled.


A phone call or video call is carried in full to go through the ethics and see your expectations. If everything aligns then we can arrange a mutually convenient time for our session.

Please allow approx 2.5 to 3 hours for our session.

I always carry out a medical consultation prior to the massage and get you to sign and officially agree to the therapy. Once Iā€™m happy with the consultation, the session may commence.

A 50% deposit is required prior to attending the massage session.

I do not see anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A massage is not recommended to anyone who is pregnant and if postpartum must be after 6 weeks. They should not have any skin problems, contagious disease, fever or acute inflammation.

Please ensure you shower before you come and trim/shave the genital area for hygiene and aid in a good flow of energy.

The therapy room is a sacred place which has been cleansed by meditation and spiritual practice, and I expect full respect of this. I request no misconduct or misbehaviour verbally or physically during the session as this will put an immediate stop to our session. The room has subtle lighting and a warm temperature to create an ambient atmosphere with relaxing music and spiritual aromas. I use pure essential oils with a sweet almond oil base which are suitable for most people.

A meditation is carried out to set the intention of the massage.

The whole body is massaged and we start with the back of the body, the front of the body and finishing with a head massage.
A genital massage may be included ā€“ this is only if needed. This is not a sexual service so please respect this. More info on genital reflexology is in the section below.

You must drink plenty of fluids after a massage to avoid dehydration and dizziness which also aids in blood circulation.

Many thanks šŸ™‚

Hari Trivedi Tantric Massage Leicester UK 12 months ago
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