Awakening the Tantrik Dakini


Awakening the Tantrik Dakini… An invitation into Divine Intoxication.

This mentorship is made for those wishing to naturally expand into their highest vision of self and thereby deepen their innate divine connection. It is for those who are ready to harmonize all aspects of their being and unique expression of life.

In this program, I translate ancient wisdom into practical methods that enable you to step into your full power. We begin with a focus on the physical level and evolve into the more subtle areas: energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual. These methods work together to bring about personal evolution.

I will help you to uncover the joyful embodiment of Tantric bliss and feminine flow. There is no better time than today to commit to being the ‘you’ that you know you were meant to be.

What kind of listing is this?
Independent Practitioner
Intimacy Coach
Online Sessions Offered
Genders Catered To:
Male & Female

Do you feel a call to:

Truly experience the divine love and power that lies within;
Invite back the mystical that is the essence of femininity;
Feel a sacred force running through your veins that is the essence of life itself;
Embrace yourself fully in joyful celebration;
Go beyond limitations and expectations of others;
Stand in your unique expression of personal freedom;
Embrace your Shakti through sacred sexuality and goddess embodiment;
Heal from old wounds and be renewed to your innocence;
Embrace pleasure as your birthright and naturally blossom into fullness?

If you feel a “yes” coming from within then this program is for you! I invite you to align with your own tantric dakini by learning how to apply tantric wisdom to your own life in a pleasurable and uplifting way!
My heart’s intention is to give you what you need to soar above daily problems and rise to new heights of self-actualization. Specifically catered to your needs and desires, this will be a very personalized process. Spread your wings and join me…

You will receive:
Sisterly support and intuitive guidance;
Free e-book – A Goddess’s Guide to Self-Care;
Tools to expand past constrictions and invite joyful freedom;
A personalized plan to move from ordinary to extraordinary;
Womb and yoni practices to honor and nourish your feminine essence;
Tantric secrets of transformation;
Ways to embrace sacred sexuality as a means to connect with the blissful goddess within;
Shakti Awakening Methods to step into your divine feminine self while enjoying the process;
Feminine and Masculine Harmonization practices.
Relevant literature, videos and links to provide a holistic experience.

What we’ll do:

We will meet 3 times over video call for one hour using either Zoom or WhatsApp during a period of two months. This period will allow enough time for transformation to take place and for you to receive support before, during and after the process.

In addition, I will be available to answer questions over e-mail or through messaging.

In our first session, we’ll get a clear, holistic picture of where you are now and how we can facilitate your evolution , with the help of a pre-coaching welcome packet. From the first session we will begin our work. The second session will be more virtually hands-on, which means I will demonstrate some methods and we will also do a practice together via video call. The third session will focus on integration and firm establishment in the archetype of the Tantrik Dakini.

We will set up a personal program to reach your goal. With practical day-to-day methods.
You’ll learn ways to reach your potential, fully supported in your journey.
Between sessions, you’ll dig into inspiring, challenging homework.
Prior to our sessions, I’ll ask you a few questions (via email) to help you explore your intention and help you prepare (and your answers will help me prepare).

I’m based mostly in India and I work with clients worldwide virtually. Sessions must be used within 90 days after purchase. In the event of rescheduling, 24 hour notice is required.

Once you claim your spot, you’ll hear from me within 48 hours for the next step.

Secured payment via PayPal. If for any reason you are unable to use PayPal, bank transfer is also accepted (please email me for further details).
Any questions? Please write to me: [email protected].
A free 20 minute call is available to answer your questions as well as for us to get to know each other before you make your decision to take this journey with me.

Your Investment: $290 (3 session package)

Tantrik Dakini Sessions

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online! [email protected]

​Thank you for taking the step forward to awaken all the magnificent beauty inside of you!
You are one step closer to living an enchanted life. I look forward to supporting your journey.

Awakening the Tantrik Dakini 12 months ago
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