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Rose marry water park, 22 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85004, USA
22 West Washington Street Phoenix Arizona 85004 US

Massage Tailored To YOU

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Independent Practitioner
Sensual Massage Provider
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I’m an Openly Gay US Marine Veteran Massage Therapist specializing in M4M Relaxation Massages with 11 years experience. I do a combination of Deep Tissue / Therapeutic Male Massage with a relaxation touch mixed in. Therapy includes Trigger Point and Stretching to take care of any issues with your Neck, Shoulders, Lower Back and Sciatic Issues. The Massage is completely Tailored to Your Needs. In Phoenix I do Massages in my apartment in Melrose District. There is parking available. I have my table setup with clean sheets, nice soft music and Salt Lamp to create a nice relaxing atmosphere. See my website for full rates including extended hours, extended sessions and out calls. For Out Calls, it is up to you if I bring my Table with me, if I do, I will bring Sheets and Music for your comfort, if you would prefer more discretion just let me know, I will just bring my Lotion and we can use your furniture. Contact me today to schedule your Massage Appointment.

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