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3 hours of intimate massage and attention for women and couples

Amazing tantric massage! Highly recommended.
Laura, London

Do you wish to experience deep erotic self awareness and pleasure? Do you want to feel incredibly alive? You were born a thinking, feeling, erotic person, it’s your birthright to enjoy intimacy that will bring you to the heights of ecstasy and the depths of truly embodied bliss.

Come into a safe space where you will be free to be playful and express however you like, whatever you feel and be the centre of loving attention. You can share your deepest desires, let go of any patterns of shame that may be limiting you and give yourself permission to grow into the self-aware, sovereign, erotic feminine person you were born to be.

Whether your desire is to be worshipped like a Goddess or enjoy erotic touch like a Wild Woman or be initiated into the sacred healing of Shamanic BDSM I am here to serve you on your erotic journey of joy, growth and healing.

Before the session, David helped me feel completely at ease, with his playful wit, authentic yet professional communication and sensitivity to my sharings. Using our conversations, his talent for improvisation and imagination (which is often hilarious), he creates a healing and transformational scene. His attention to detail in his understanding and articulation around consent and boundaries is astute. I left feeling like a nurtured Queen, personally I couldn’t ask for more!
Emerald, London

Erotic Massage with Tantric Elements

Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition that teaches us to expand (‘tan’ = expansion) from our current state to merge with the universal consciousness (‘tra’ = liberation). I will guide you in this journey of consciousness expansion by tuning our awareness and attention into receiving pleasurable touch anchored in the present moment.

The core massage offers all the benefits of a familiar therapeutic massage – relaxation, reduced stress, improved circulation, reduced blood pressure, improved sleep. But much more than this, you will be invited to feel delicious erotic excitement. With sacred touch I will worship you like a Goddess and offer you adoration in every moment.

I find it incredibly inspiring to see my clients grow so beautifully from simply being treated as the manifestations of the divine feminine they truly are

I felt really comfortable talking with David. We had a deep conversation about emotions and sexuality and I felt very safe. Before the massage we discussed boundaries very clearly and this was important to me. I loved the massage and felt nourished and protected. My feminine and masculine energies were both rejoicing. It was beautiful. Thank you ❤️
Zainab, London

Erotic Touch

Too often our minds keep us locked in the past or future imaginings, forgetting we are only ever alive in the present moment. To really enjoy pleasure and feeling alive we must tune in to our sense of touch, the sense most essential to direct experience of health, wellbeing and happiness

Erotic Touch also offers all the benefits of the therapeutic massage – relaxation, reduced stress, improved circulation and so on. But much more than this you will be invited to feel deep erotic pleasure. Set your Wild Woman free, your ecstatic nature must be seen to be believed, welcome yourself to Erotic Touch.

I am so moved to see my clients grow in confidence from their erotic experience and claim their birthright to become secure sovereign erotic women.

Thank you for recommending David. He was fantastic!…………………………and so funny.
David was a pleasure to meet and from the moment we met, he was very easy to chat to and be with. He so clearly has vast experience which put me totally at ease, and his confidence and knowledge made me feel completely safe throughout. I laughed a lot too, so very therapeutic all in all. I’m quite shy but had absolutely no need to be. Time with David is a very special treat indeed.
Juliet, Ipswich

Shadow Play

Some of our desires may trigger feelings of powerlessness, shame or guilt. These parts of our psyche have been rejected and repressed but live on in our Shadow. The boundary between light and dark defines the sharp edge of our erotic personalities. You are invited to play on the edge.

The Play Space is a zone where you set your boundaries and then enjoy any BDSM experience you wish such as rope play, impact play, consensual non-consent, fetish, kink or roleplay. You know you are safely within your limits, you can let go completely and be fearless in the dark.

Shadow Play transgresses and trashes the taboo rule book. It is a safe place for your healing and growth because we will pay careful attention to and have total respect for your boundaries

David is amazing at guiding desires during the coaching sessions. He is highly knowledgeable about everything in relation to emotions and he has a great sensitivity working with kinky topics.
From the beginning I felt safe enough to be able to express my darkest and deepest desires and he made them come true in a really passionate, loving and devotional way! Highly recommended!
Giorgia, Berlin

Your Session

The structure of your experience is the same for my three core offers – Erotic Massage with Tantric Elements, Erotic Touch and Shadow Play. A session will be three hours in three parts – 30 minutes for Arriving & Intention, two hours for Experience & Being and 30 minutes for Integration & Departure. These timings are a guide only, we will know best on the day what balance of conversation, connection and touch will be right for you depending on your intention and the feelings and desires that feel most true for you when we meet.

Session structure:

Total Session Duration – 3 hours

Arriving & Integration – 30 mins
Experience & Being – 120 mins
Integration & Departure – 30 mins

David has a very loving energy. During our session he allowed me to really let myself drop into receiving his medicine, I felt worshiped and adored in a way, that never crossed my boundaries or made me feel uncomfortable His touch is firm and gentle at the same time. He asked exactly the right questions and I felt so seen by him. Thank you, dear David. Can’t wait to do it again.
Celeste, Berlin

Arriving & Intention – I will welcome you to my home, a warm, comfortable and modern apartment within easy reach of central London. There will be time to relax, have a cup of tea, settle in. I will invite you to breathe with me to allow any stressful feelings to start to leave and give you the chance to fully arrive. You will be free to share your intention for the session to shape the experience you want to have. We will discuss the options you have for the session so you can be confident it will be the best possible experience while fully honouring any boundaries you set.

Experience & Being – this is the main body of your experience and may be any of the three primary services I offer – Erotic Massage with Tantric Elements, Erotic Touch or Shadow Play. If you wish, we can create a special service for you, a bespoke combination of experiences that brings you the greatest possibility of feeling truly and wonderfully alive – you are free to set your boundaries for intimate touch however you wish, you don’t have to perform or impress anyone, you are also free to express your desire without shame or guilt and with no fear of judgement. If you have any uncertainty it’s better to have less intimate touch, you can always adjust for more another time in another session if that feels right for you.

Integration & Departure – so how was it for you? Wherever you may be in your journey to becoming fully sovereign over your erotic experiences each session will be unique and have the potential for learning and growth. Whether you rode wild horses to joyful orgasm or it all just felt like a big work in progress, know this – ecstatic joyful bliss is your birthright. The integration phase is a chance to reflect and to be witnessed. In any case, there will be time to enjoy a cup of tea and connection before you depart.

I have had the most gorgeous Tantric massages with David, and I can’t recommend him enough. From the outset he made me feel comfortable, respected and put me at ease when we met to discuss what I hoped to get from the experience. He is a gentle, caring and thoughtful human being and amazing at what he does.
I was new to the world of Tantra when I had my first massage with David, I had hoped to work through some intimacy issues and wanted to feel connected, comfortable and at one with my body. Not only have I been able to achieve all of this through my massages with David, he has unlocked a whole world of feminine power and energy inside of me and I will be forever grateful to him for this gift. If you’re considering reaching out, do! David is the best there is.
Kasia, London


My name is David, I have been actively exploring Erotic Massage and conscious sexuality for many years. From that journey I have been very fortunate to receive training and experience of Erotic Massage and Shamanic Healing BDSM. I would like to share this with you. Get in touch, we can speak on the phone or if practical meet for a coffee or go for a walk and chat, no obligation. I will be happy to describe my service and find out more about you and what you are looking for and answer any questions you may have. I hope you will feel that my service can best support you in your journey of exploration, growth and healing.

My Training

I have trained extensively with the School of Erotic Mysteries under my mentor Seani Love with direct one to one coaching in healing BDSM. I can guide you on your journey into your erotic inner world, wherever that may lead. I have received Professional Erotic Massage training with one to one coaching from Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters. I have trained in Tantra at Tara Yoga Centre and completed Tantra Massage Course twice over. I have hundreds of hours of hands on Erotic Massage with Tantric Elements experience with clients and fellow massage and erotic service practitioners.


Your session will be three hours and will take place in a clean spacious comfortable bright modern apartment within easy reach of central London – 5 minutes from Manor House underground station on the Piccadilly Line. The fee is £250 payable in advance, or £100 deposit in advance and the balance in cash on the day. We can arrange shorter or longer sessions or an alternate location. Get in touch and we’ll work out what’s right for you. I can travel anywhere in the UK if you are happy to cover my travel time and expenses (£50/hour + train cost). I am happy to work with women and couples.

Session structure and pricing:

Location: Clean spacious comfortable bright modern apartment
5 mins from Manor House station on the Piccadilly Line

Session Duration – 3 hours

Arriving & Integration – 30 mins
Experience & Being – 120 mins
Integration & Departure – 30 mins

My standard session timings are
Thursday to Sunday,
10am-1pm; 2-5pm; 6-9pm

Investment: £300 per session
(£100 deposit to secure the session)

Website: synchronicities.co.uk

Email [email protected]

Phone +44 7307 029268
message on whatsapp or via SMS text first
we can arrange time to talk or meet

In special circumstances, session structure, location or pricing can be adjusted. Don’t rule yourself out because of an apparent barrier, much better to get in touch so we can find out if there is a way to align the offer with your circumstances.

David’s tantra massage is a delight for me. Most of all, I feel his compassionate and loving intentions, and his love for life, shining through his work. He’s very committed to supporting clients to honour their own boundaries and consent.
I felt empowered to express my desires and preferences in the session, and he received my requests and boundaries fully and gracefully, adapting his practice to meet me in my unique growing edge. He repeatedly checked in with me about how I was experiencing the session, when he needed more clarity.
His touch is sensitive, warm, and very nourishing. He’s bubbly, easy to talk to, and open-minded about the unique contexts, needs and desires each person may bring to the session. I observe him constantly learning and always opening to new perspectives and deeper levels of responsibility.
I would definitely recommend him to any friend, including someone who was unfamiliar with tantra or sacred sexual practices..
Helena, London

I had a session with David and loved every minute of our encounter! He felt into me, spotted my needs and went right there where I needed it the most. The session itself was absolutely wonderful: we started with talking about my needs, insecurities and doubts and also about mine (and his) boundaries.
We began the session with a kind of role play where we acted as Norse Gods and had a play fight rolling around on the floor. It was so much fun! Throughout the session I felt heard and seen. I had a fantastic massage. I left feeling light and happy and had that feeling for days. Thank you so much, David, I’ll be back!
Valerie, Berlin

As soon as David opened the door to me at the venue I felt such a warm friendly confidence emanating from him. He greeted me enthusiastically and led me to the beautiful seating area. I was put at ease straight away.
Prior to our session I had emailed my desires for the session-my likes, my dislikes, my limits. David reflected what I’d written back to me and I was struck by how spot on he was, how I knew he’d clearly been very attentive to my words, which again aided my relaxation and comfort levels. For me, in an exciting situation where I am (delightfully) not 100% sure what exactly to expect, being put at ease so well was really important. I feel David is especially skilled at connecting in this warm way.
We moved into the session, having discussed safe words. We used the traffic lights system, as I remember it, green being ‘go ahead, all good’ Amber being ‘I need to stop, for whatever reason, take a break, check in’ and red being session stops then and there, immediately. David explained this to me very clearly. A couple of times I used amber and I felt David was really tuned in when I did and supported me through the whole experience with sensitivity and compassion. I found myself reaching some very deep spaces in myself throughout the session and had some powerful release and tears that were very cathartic and healing.
David is a gorgeous, smiley warm hearted man who is very capable of leading someone through a journey into their shadow with confidence. There was a strong sense that this was an act of service for him, and that was really quite powerful and I hadn’t really expected it to feel quite as important a part of everything as it did
Su, London

David @ Synchronicities 11 months ago
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