Fantastic possibly best massage

Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
7 ulitsa "Sveta Sofia" Sofia Sofia City Province 1000 BG

Phil Pleasure 1 of the best masseur in Europe
Massaged 600 women and trained 500 in Paris 10 diplomas

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Independent Practitioner
Sensual Massage Provider
Qualified Massage Therapist
Online Sessions Offered
Genders Catered To:

Fantastic high class masseur call now

Phil Pleasure 1 of the best masseur in Europe
Phil has massaged at fashion week 2016
Phil has massaged 600 women and trained 500 in Paris
Phil massaged famous musicians

Most of Phil clients say his massage was the best ever
You feel incredible sensations of pleasure peace You feel so good now
You grant your body a moment for yourself in the which you can
feel very strong emotions of rest, pleasure, sweetness and care

Phil regular price in France is 100Euros
Special price only good for your first massage is 49 Euros
Cal now whats app +380 995 543 893 Email [email protected]

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