Juicy Life Tantra Sessions

Vienna, Austria
New York City, USA
Moscow, Russia
T Stephansplatz Wien Wien 1010 AT

(what other clients say):

“The sessions I had with Irina comprised coaching, massage work, energetic healing and posture correction.
Experiencing the energetic intuitive touch which Irina has a gift for was truly amazing.
The gentle massage was deep yet comfortable, and gave such healing sensations as I have never experienced before from physical touch. Highly recommended!”

What kind of listing is this?
Independent Practitioner
Sensual Massage Provider
Tantric Healing Practitioner
Qualified Massage Therapist
Intimacy Coach
Online Sessions Offered
Genders Catered To:
Male & Female & Trans & Non-binary

The JUICY LOVE TEMPLE individual services:

The JLT is an International movement.
We are striving to
Call in joyful passion back into your professional life
Nurture truthful commitment toward your soul purpose and in your relationships
Empower authentic expression via conscious emotional & physical intimacy
Inspire divine connections in all of your expressions in this world.

A Private Tantra session could looks like:

1. Intro: we talk, you share your challenges or thoughts, we put framework and agreements
2. Preparation of the working field: we cleanse us and the space, we move, we dance, we have fun: laugh, we breath together, we meditate – all individually adjusted.
3. Main part: transmission: touch, breath, movement, massage, chakra activation, voice expression, animal play, energetic orgasms – depends on a personal capacity
4. Integration: guided full body relaxation

To be clear: I’m not a sexual worker.
There is no kiss, oral, penetrative sex or any romantic involvement. We do not touch each other’s sexual organs unless you agree that I will massage yours.

As a juicy life coach (a spiritual sensual healer) I’m teaching you or your partner or both how to channel your natural life-force: your sacred -kundalini energy towards the higher vibration and gives through my speech, touch and presence a deep intimate healing and divine pleasure.

Yoga & Tantra session creates a deep transformation in your life on ALL levels of your existence.

– You have a good feeling in your body
– Your sexual energy is well regulated
– You feel loved and understood
– You are empowered in your being a powerful and shining person
– You attract the right partners in private and business life
– Your partners know how to please you
– You have a good mood and relaxed state of mind
– You are more focused and productive in your work
– You experience more joy with your colleagues and family
– You find easier creative solutions for your challenges
– You develop your projects with more passion and motivation
– You have clarity about your future and much more

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