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If you are looking for a special treat for yourself with a unique experience in sensual massage, please keep reading. In the session that I am offering, my goal is to create a special bond between you and me, full of sensuality, connection and pleasure. Not just a one off quick massage and this is not a full service!

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Independent Practitioner
Sensual Massage Provider
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Let’s introduce myself first : I am 27 year old french girl, I ve been doing massage for 4 years. I am tall 5.8ft, with a nice curvy and natural body. I have blond hair with blue eyes. I have a quiet and relaxed personality, and open minded at the same time.                    

Let’s get throught the session : at your arrival I can offer you a nice glass of wine, and we can start getting to know each other a bit more.  Then we ll get to the bathroom where we can share a shower or a bath. I will assist you to wash your body and make sure it s ready to receive the best treatment ever. On the massage bed I will ask to seat down, to take some deep breathes, to close your eyes as I will gently and softly touch your body with the tips of my fingers. You will feel my lips gently caress your neck, shoulders and back. Your body and mind will start to get relaxed and teased. It s time now to lay down, I will start massaging your back, bottom and legs with a warm oil. I will use my hands and my all body to massage you deeply. I will rub you with my hands, arm, breast, legs and bottom all over. I will tease the spot between your legs while you lay down on your belly. I will then ask you to turn over so I could do the same treatment to your front. I want to take the time to built up your excitment, so you can feel how great it is when the pleasure comes from deep inside your body. We will do different hugging positions, so you can feel my all body right next to yours, we can share the heat of the moment and discover our bodies a bit more, while gazing at each others eyes. After that my massage will get more and more intense, I will take time to give you a proper ligham massage with my hands, so you will discover that you can get pleasure on your penis in so many different ways. If you are adventurous enough I will give you a prostate massage. The prostate massage will allow you to discover your g-spot. Combined with the ligham massage, prostate massage is the best way to achieve a fantastic orgasm, that you will keep feeling for a long time after the session. Once you have reached the paradise of pleasure, you will take the time to relax a bit more. I can give you a nice feet or head massage while you do that and slowly comes back on earth 😉 one hour session is £200. 90min is £300. Text or call me Many thanks 😉

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