Magical Hands Full Body Massage

I offer a nude sensual, erotic massage to the entire body, loving and honouring you. My sensual massages are designed for you to surrender to the gift of receiving, this is designed to challenge you, but also offer you a deeper journey of self-discovery, we can often get so distracted by the desire to touch someone else, that we forget our own body, our own journey and experience, so in this kind of massage the focus is all about you. My blissful massages are designed to help you to become aware of the sensations we awaken within your whole body, what do you find pleasurable? Expanding pleasure into your whole body, and not limiting it to just the genitals… this massage is a chance you to observe and gain insight. Sensual massage has helped some to find alignment, self-expression and for creativity to flow better. Everyone is unique and my erotic massage can be a way of dealing with stress, a sensual pampering treatment, so “me” time, or if you are wanting to dig a little deeper and learn more about your energy and chakra system, and some practical tips on how to expand and control pleasure, I have the skills to offer a session that suits you. The Sensual Massage Starting with breath work / eye gazing / connecting to start usually lasts about 15/20mins, following on with a sensual all over body massage, working to move helping you to control and prolong for a more expansive all over body experience.

I love what I do and I promise your fantasies will come true if you spend time with me.

Thank you for visiting my profile and do not hesitate to contact me at any time for more details. Reach out to hear about all of my services.

Magical Hands Full Body Massage 1 year ago
Magical Hands Full Body Massage 1 year ago
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