Nuru Massage London
Queensway, London, UK
112 Queensway England W2 3RR GB

We offer the most exquisite, sensual and relaxing sensual Nuru massage sessions in London. All our therapists are highly skilled and fully trained. Incall and Outcall Service.

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Sensual Massage Provider
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This is one of the world’s busiest cities and every day thousands of people are in stuck in the rat race, and this can really take a toll on one’s physical, mental, and emotional health!
One of the best ways to alleviate stress, rebalance and nourish your body is with the incredible Nuru Massage.
This massage is done with a special slippery ‘Japanese Nuru Gel’, it can be done on a PVC sheet over the bed, or a PVC blow up mattress or of course on towels across a bed.
Our therapists will give you an exquisite full body massage, either in their private salons or they can visit you at home: (and be sure to tell her where you have aches and pains for extra attention in those areas).
As the massage progresses, our skilled therapist will use her body within the massage: to massage yours! and yes, this includes the infamous bodysides!!!
As her body slides smoothly and gracefully up and down yours, with silky perfection, you will feel the energy vibration in your body raising. It is essential to keep high levels of vibration in your body to attract the best things in life from the universe.
This massage also encourages the brain to release all the most beneficial ‘happy hormones’, they flood your system giving your immune system a boost and a natural feeling of ecstatic joy and happiness.
It’s time to raise the bar in your life and give your body what it needs to work on optimal level. Visit us at Nuru Touch’s and experiences our sumptuously delicious Sensual Nuru Massage.

Nuru Massage London 2 years ago
Nuru Massage London 2 years ago
Nuru Massage London 2 years ago
Nuru Massage London 2 years ago
Nuru Massage London 2 years ago
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