Sensual Pleasure Goddess
New York, NY, USA
240 Broadway New York New York 10007 US

Sensual Healing Goddess

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Independent Practitioner
Sensual Massage Provider
Online Sessions Offered
Genders Catered To:
Male & Female & Trans & Non-binary

It is my responsibility to assist in unlocking and unblocking your energetic pathways, in order for you to proceed in a healthy organic fulfilling way. In order to Understand ourselves, we must understand where we come from. The essence of our being is much deeper than our physical presence. We are all energy & energy travels. When energy is stuck or blocked, we become blocked or stuck in that particular area. In order to fully release these blockages, one must be ready to truly let go.

Sexuality and Sensuality are nothing to be ashamed of. Many of us have been taught otherwise, but I am here to guide you into transmuting negative experiences, thoughts and patterns into lifechanging transformative ones that serve your highest good. Each sensual massage session is catered to your individual specific needs, as you all are different. My selection process in choosing who I decided to serve is guided by intuition not by money or session duration.

Outcalls to upscale hotels & homes in MNHTN, BK, & QNS.

Sensual Bodyrub Session $375
Erotic Kink Session $400
Outing + Sensual Session $800

Sensual Pleasure Goddess 1 year ago
Sensual Pleasure Goddess 1 year ago
Sensual Pleasure Goddess 1 year ago
Sensual Pleasure Goddess 1 year ago
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