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Brighton BN2, UK
Warren Road England BN2 6DA GB

Sensual massage and intimacy workshops for all in Sussex and South London.

Two or one way touch options.

What kind of listing is this?
Independent Practitioner
Sensual Massage Provider
Genders Catered To:
Male & Female & Trans & Non-binary


Options from £120 for a 1.5 hour,in-call session including 60 minutes of massage. Within 10 miles of Brighton by road, or near London Victoria or London Bridge stations.

Choose from either one-way touch or mutual touch

About me

A sensitive and emotionally-balanced man with particular focus on what makes men and women the same rather than different. I am very good at generating pleasure by gradually encouraging subjective arousal(response to the situation and environment) alongside physical(genital) arousal. I provide both the relaxing context and sexual anticipation needed for your orgasm to emerge without any effort on your part – something life-changing that you can introduce to your sexual partnerships outside of our therapy.

There is no “typical” pathway to desire and arousal and indeed, one can happen without the other. Women have a much narrower overlap between the two so although physical arousal is actually easier for them, subjective arousal is more elusive without the right context. It is called non-concordance and is much misunderstood.

I am a trained professional bodyworks masseur, having completed massage training with Jing Advanced Massage Training in Brighton, and will partner soon with Lucy “Kaly” Miller to produce sensuality workshops in Brighton.

My female workshop volunteer during training remarked that I am a natural giver and contacted me directly to come for further massages. High praise indeed, considering she clearly rated me highly against her incredibly highly experienced regular masseur.

My service is very firmly rooted in sensuality as opposed to sexuality and does not seek to abuse that agreement.

I am comfortable with massaging people over eighteen, of any sexual orientation. For my physical safety, I am unfortunately unable to offer you a massage if you weigh greater than 100kg. I realise that this may be disappointing but there will be other therapists who can give you the wonderful experience you deserve.

As a SkinMap client, you will be invited to join the private Telegram group and become part of a community of like-minded, sex-positive folk.

What happens?

A relaxing, sensual massage with external and internal stimulation, tailored to your needs and desires after absolute agreement between us around our boundaries. All therapeutic massage given is bodywork.

You are naked, allowing free-flowing and sensual, arousing strokes to the whole body. Internal massage is an option.

It takes place on my high quality, spotlessly clean treatment table in a warm room (21c), with your choice of scent and soft music (we can use your Spotify playlist). Have a shower, if you need. I leave the room for you to prepare and fully relax your body and mind, covering yourself with a towel.

I am mostly guided by my natural intuition, taking all sorts of cues from you, physical and verbal. I encourage you to shift around and vocalise.

Roughly speaking, there are 3 phases split more or less equally but very much dependent upon your responses as we progress:

  • Trust And Relaxation.
  • Build Arousal.
  • Calm And Build Again.

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"Really looking forward to a follow up massage": Anita, 20th December 2020

James put me at ease – calm, friendly and intuitive. Everything flowed very well, except at one point when he used the spikey wheel thing, but that is only because I have very sensitive skin. When I tried to touch his penis, he moved away. Really looking forward to a follow up massage in a few weeks – a New Year treat to myself!

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"[Zone of pleasure lasted 2 hours]": Mark, 25th June 2020

I was fortunate enough to enjoy a sensual massage with James recently and would recommend to all. James was attentive, enthusiastic and skilled. He made a great effort to put us both at ease to ensure our experience was the best it could be and was able to take me into a zone of pleasure that lasted for around 2 hours.

With the massage tailored to my needs it leaves me wanting to visit again to explore further with James and I hope to see him again soon.

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"First sensual massage": Tom, 25th June 2020

This was my first sensual massage with a qualified and experienced masseur. I was quite nervous initially, but James put me at ease through his very down to earth attitude and Karisma. James used a mixture of strokes and toys to enhance the experience. I knew I was sensual, but this experience has awoken desires and feelings that I didn’t even know I had! WoW! Thank you James!

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  • Reply from 26 Jun 2020 Tom, Thank you so much. It is rare to feel as connected to a client as I did with you – it was a shared sensual journey and I was in the zone, as your giver for probably well over the usual 2 hours. For me, completing the arousal journey to an amazing climax for the client is the most important aspect of my job, and I was happy to oblige you. Enjoy the spikey wheel toy and ostrich feathers you have vowed to purchase! At your service always, James.
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"Great hands": Sally, 9th September 2020

My massage with James was an excellent experience. He was professional and put me at my ease when we discussed what I wanted from the massage. He checked in with me during and the massage itself was great and really hit the spot. He has great hands.

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  • Reply from 9 Sep 2020 I am so glad you very clearly got the most from your massage. Your very relaxed attitude certainly appeared to ensure you had a seemingly endless finale. Certainly, it was the first time I have had to hand over to a client due to fatigue! I have started to refer to myself by your nickname, “Magic Hands”. I appreciate your raving to friends about my service – it will really help in developing a client base. Please do let them know I currenly offer a referral discount of 10%, given as a refund after booking when they mention you. James.
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