Sensual Massage In Brighton

Brighton BN2, UK
Warren Road England BN2 6DA GB

I will give you a £150, 120 minute, sensual massage.

What kind of listing is this?
Independent Practitioner
Sensual Massage Provider
Genders Catered To:
Male & Female & Trans & Non-binary

Relax your mind to allow manual arousal to full body orgasm.

We need daily skin touch: It’s why we are naked apes and, before language, we used touch to communicate.

The ultimate in touch sensation is edging sexual arousal.

I am James (42), and am undertaking professional conventional massage training to supplement the 5 hours of sensual arousal workshops I have already completed in London with the leading sensual masseur in the UK. Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters and my female workshop volunteer both remarked that I am a natural giver. Of the 3 massages I have given so far, I have been invited to sex by the clients. Although I do enjoy sexual activities with consenting “playmates”, couples and groups I will not engage in such with existing professional clients.

I will very gradually bring you to an uncontrolled, twitching state of arousal during 2 hours, no matter your sex. We start in the hot tub, unless you book a call-out. The intention is that you feel I am accidentally touching your genitals for the majority of the massage as this builds anticipation before I finally focus solely on masturbating you towards climax.

The service involves focused, intense female and male genital stimulation with an emphasis on a trusting connection to help you reach orgasm(s). You may well want to continue coming for more sessions as I unfold your deepest sexual self – it’s just the very start of your new life.

I massage the following important erogenous zones unless, of course, you exempt them: The G-spot(urethral sponge), PS-spot(perennial sponge), P-spot(prostate gland) and cervix all are full of nerve endings. The P-spot has more nerve-endings than the glans penis. As mentioned, a physically and emotionally healthy woman will have a full-body, intense, squirting orgasm with sustained (about 30 mins ave) G-spot massage for as long as it takes – you will feel it happen with hard pushes on your hand or penis. A very intense but powerful, localised orgasm occurs with clitoral massage and usually in a shorter time as the sensitive clitoris and shaft make themselves erect and available for circling and direct teasing. Combining the two is the panacea for a woman. Some women and men can orgasm with nipple massage alone so it is an excellent idea to spend some time there, especially with your mouth (not included in my professional service and something I certainly do in consensual private situations).

A Tantric masseur, uses exactly the same arousal techniques as I do, but are usually women and will talk about spirituality, sexual energy and chakras. They will explain that men should not have the intention or expectation of an orgasm during the massage, but that women should. In short, they will intentionally hold you back. For women, tantric massage and sensual massage are the same thing but for men, tantric massage is intentional orgasm denial.

This is not a prostitution or escort service and there is no penetrative or oral sex involved, only external and preferably internal manual stimulation.

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