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Sensual massage without seediness or nonsense, starting from just £60 for the 2 hands, male “Outside”(external) massage

Ethical, non-threatening sensual massage for all singles & couples in Brighton/South London. Light BDSM a naughty option😈.

What happens?

What kind of listing is this?
Independent Practitioner
Sensual Massage Provider
Genders Catered To:
Male & Female & Trans & Non-binary

Why have a sensual massage?🤷

*Must be a request on your booking form.

**Kinks upon request on the booking form; we can agree the details before you come. Must only be realisable within the context of massage and I only add the elements we agree. Use an agreed “safe word” to stop the scene and go back to regular massage.

More information about sensual massage.

Why me?😇

  • Regarded a “natural” by the top-rated UK trainer after being alongside me during my 1st massage, on volunteer Cee Cee🔥
  • Safe, easy-going, approachable father, who has a female partner who supports my work.👫
  • There is no body judgement from me and I am not “ripped”! We’ve all put on a few pounds in the pandemic
  • “Outside” service is perfect for clients who don’t yet/ever want/need/afford “Inside” massage, an affordable price.👍
  • No “free sex” surprises from me
  • Choose your mood music from my playlist or send my a link to your own
  • Our agreement is defined by the page displayed to you after you book🗞️
  • I apply sexual science to my work
  • Top international sexuality professionals choose to work with me🤝
  • Brighton, the perfect dirty weekend getaway🤭🚘🚂
  • You get access to exclusive intimacy content and the SkinMap Telegram group via the VIP Area🕶️
  • My testimony from Cee Cee demonstrates the emotional connection she felt for me: We very quickly established trust, and she delighted as her naked body was revealed then trusted me to touch her anywhere, leading to relaxation and multiple orgasms. For the second time, she felt completely relaxed in a man’s hands and was in touch for more, even though I had not started SkinMap yet. I managed the situation sensitively and professionally, setting me apart from those who might have taken advantage of the situation. As I always do, I shared the situation with my partner.

    Only pay for the intimacy service you are comfortable with:

    • Outside“: External massage and I wear shorts. You may touch me anywhere (except genitals)
    • Inside“: Internal massage too. Again I wear shorts and you may touch me
    • Interact“: Internal massage is included(P-spot, G-Spot etc), I am naked this time and you may touch me anywhere you desire
      (not masturbation)

    I will create the atmosphere you require to orgasm. I have no desire to take sexual gratification from the massage but I sometimes become aroused myself(of course!); it is not a reflection of how attractive I find you and erections are just one aspect of arousal. In fact, my honesty and ability to respect our boundaries to keep the space safe for both is key to the trusting atmosphere, and success.

    A self-serious “tantra guru” or “adonis” therapist can stop you from forming an emotional connection with them because you are not seeing them as they really are and so you may not fully relax as they touch you. Female clients usually experience 2, 3 or more intense, full-body orgasms because they connect->trust->relax->desire. Your orgasms are mostly about you emotionally desiring my caring touch, not being aroused or me touching you. It starts the moment I greet you.

    Instead, we can role-play the stereotypes I described, with prior agreement and it then becomes a fantasy scene where we are emotionally connected – see the difference? It can then be relaxed, light-hearted, naughty, passionate fun. With me, you feel free to giggle, swear, laugh, squeal, groan, writhe, moan and shake. It is your space to let go and unleash your sensual, raw, hedonistic self without shame or guilt. I am there to guide and hold the space for you to let go.

    ✅For a sensual massage without unwanted sex or an over-serious atmosphere, backed by client testimonials, book me.

    More stuff about me.

    Some photos, if you need to see me:

    James x

    rs=w_768.jpeg 9 months ago
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    Excellent and informative website and a truly amazing and sensual massage

    I was so pleased when i found James’s website. It has tons of interesting content and made me really want to arrange for a massage. So i did.
    Parking was easy near his location. James was very welcoming and put me at ease straight away. The room was warm and cosy.

    The massage was amazing. I always enjoy touch from another male. James definitely knows how to touch the right places and take you to heaven.

    He is a really interesting guy with lots of experience, guidance and suggestions to help you on your journey. As an explorer i definitely want to visit again to experience and learn more.

    • James Skinmap
      Thanks for your kind words and I really enjoyed our session. Do pass on the word to friends both singles and couples of both sexes. See you again soon, James x
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    My First Sensual Massage with James

    James was outstandingly good. Very professional in his manner, his massage was the best I’ve ever experienced because he moved me emotionally into a space akin to a meditative state. I felt truly elevated and yes, I did become very sensually aroused without being touched directly. It was deliciously gradual and in the end it was a sensational, spiritually nourishing one to one experience. I felt elated afterwards.

    • James Skinmap
      Possibly the best review I have had because you focussed fully upon describing how the session made you feel. That is the aim of my practice – that it is not portrayed as a sexual encounter but as a deeply transformational and lasting experience beyond the room – that it is something that has enhanced your life in general. Looking forward to your next visit, James x
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    Sensual journey

    I went to James without knowing what to expect . We didn’t speak before and I thought it was going to be a standard massage with eventually a happy ending … no it was much more than that. Extremely sexy touch with his hands abs really able to understand what you need to take you to a journey of pleasure .. starting from nice stimulation and increasing until pleasure is at its maximum!! Let yourself go and experience pleasure !! James can definitely help you with that !

    • James Skinmap
      Thanks Tiz, I appreciate that. I could tell you wanted a sensual massage by the way you were talking about what you wanted from it. When I suggested you change it I was far from surprised. Lovely to meet you and looking forward to your next visit. James x
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    @Emily and @Rob on 19/9/2021

    @Emily: Can we see photos of you?


    @Emily:Oh wow!

    @Rob: Nice. How big is that?!

    @Emily: Big, unless it’s just a good angle!!

    @James: You, and other recent clients and enquiries, have inspired me to add a new page! My partner and I went to a lovely party on Friday, which also helped us understand more about this fantasy. Thank you.

    @Emily: That’s us!!

    @James: Well, I pride myself on identifying open-minded explorers when they get in touch. It seems like you, and straight men looking to explore their bisexuality are the main market for me. I love this work – was a software developer for 33 years and this beats it hands down

    @Emily: Wow that’s a big change!!

    @James: Aha, not your usual career progression path but hey, I needed a change and am very good at this.

    @Emily: I hope so!!

    @Emily: Have you had cuckold couples many times?

    @James: You would be the third couple. Things have been understandably slow over past 17 months. It has gone very well with the first two.

    @Emily: Perfect

    @Emily: How tall are you?

    @James: 5’7″

    @Emily: I’m 5 8!

    @James:You will be on my table so I will tower over you

    @Emily: Yes only joking. Anyway you look big where it matters most!!

    Chat with me in real time over Telegram for up to 30 mins FOC before booking.


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    @Charlie and @Tom on 26/8/2021

    @Tom: Have you been doing this long James?

    @James: I was introduced to tantric massage by my ex partner and now good friend in July 2019 and had a 3 hour massage (sensual).
    She took me to her favourite sex club in Prague afterwards and it opened my mind further.
    We went on a couple’s massage workshop that autumn and I realised I was very good. She paid for me to have one to one training with Colin Richards of He and my volunteer female said I was a natural.
    She contacted me the next week and flirted! She wanted to come down and have a massage without boundaries. I explained I had a partner and she understood.
    I decided I was good enough and set up in February 2020.
    Being an software/internet professional and good with design and content too, it was an exciting project for me.
    Pandemic hit after my first few clients so it has been a trickle of clients (mainly straight men like yourself) since. Most of them are shocked and surprised at how horny they get when I touch them and most try to suck my cock(I don’t let it go on long at all and it is usually when I am at the head of the table and I am not expecting it!) and a few ask me to fuck them! It is confusing for me in the moment because, as you know Tom, it is very nice to be sucked by whoever. A challenge for me to be sure so I am proud that I stop it going too far! It is good to have a partner like [my girlfriend] because we have a very good sex life and so I am not looking for that in my work and she accepts and understands why it happens and trusts me.
    I want more female clients and was very excited when you contacted me. It’s been all men and, although I have no problem with that, it isn’t giving me the rounded experience I need.
    [my girlfriend] says she can see how a female client might want me to go further. It is great that you two agreed for her to be involved.
    There – I am honest and transparent about it all and I am guessing that one answer would have led to another question in you mind. We are all fascinated by sex.

    @Charlie: Well I’m definitely feeling more excited now I know who we’re meeting. X

    @Tom: Wow thanks for the detailed reply James abs really appreciate your honesty. We’re very open people and very sexual ourselves. We also love meeting new people too

    @Charlie: The website is spot on. Very impressive. Makes sense now you said you’re a software/Internet professional. It reads so well from start to finish. Honestly think it’s spot on. Really turned me on reading through it. And totally non seedy. Xxx

    @Rob: I would get quite turned on I think seeing Charlie touch your cock😡

    @Charlie: Excited nerves. Xxx

    Chat with me in real time over Telegram for up to 30 mins FOC before booking.


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    "given me lots of things to reconsider about myself" @Terry31/8/2021

    Your website is informative and honest. I’d only received sports massage never a sensual one and had, for some time been curious about a male massaging me in a sexual way.

    It was mind-blowing and I hardly knew where I was at the end – I struggled to get up off the table. I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life.

    You have given me lots of things to reconsider about myself.

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    Very sensual

    It was a very pleasant meet with James. Very welcoming, nice room with a massage table and hot oil. Good chat before the massage what made me more relaxed. James worked hard but very gently and payed attention to my body reactions. I had a wonderful time and I can only recommend.

    • James Skinmap
      Stefan, it was lovely to meet you and you were the perfect client because you gave me feedback about what was working with clear hand squeezes. I look forward to the next time. James.
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    My reply to Chris below

    The system would not let me add this as a comment!

    Thank you so much Chris, it was a pleasure and I focussed on bodywork as we had discussed your need for some deep tissue upper thigh treatment. With limited time in the session I have to carefully balance the different modalities. You are right though and, with agreement next time I can certainly focus more on arousing touch.

    I had a couple come to me a few days afterwards and it was so hot that we have agreed to become threesome friends now. Enough said and I do hope you will bring your wife along for a couple’s experience – the energy of three in the room is just so horny. I promise to behave but if, yet again you are too hot to handle I’ll have to suggest friendship instead. I’m never going to make money but I am certainly going to live the lifestyle 👏 ☺️

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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    Impromptu moment

    Impressive website first led me to booking and the subsequent information and options given on arrival was refreshing to hear.Room was a fair size and tastefully furnished no issues with street noise.Hot oil was used which added to the experience and would say the glute work and thigh massage was excellent. I booked sensual and in places it was but i feel the more you go the more sensuality will come out.

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    Safe, sexual, splendid..

    James was great, open and forthright, no embarrassments, no surprises, he lives up to the SkinMap website (superb). Premises are small and cosy, don’t expect modern opulence, but the service is genuine and the results are as advertised, he’s good. I will be back, maybe take a training session.

    • James Skinmap
      Thank you Paul, and I’m so glad you are thinking about coming back to learn how to massage a volunteer alongside me – you will learn so much. I deliberately don’t use an “opulent” setting because I find that people are more relaxed seeing that I am just like them and how I live – it makes it a more authentic, relaxed experience. Thank you for your kind words about my flat. See you again soon and don’t forget, if you become a volunteer for my learning clients, you will get a full refund of that massage and free 4 hands forever more! James.
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    "you remembered that I like it firm" @AnitaF 7/4/2021


    James -what can I say?

    I have never come so hard or that many times. Seeing you a second time felt even more relaxed and you remembered that I liked just firm hands, without the feathers and things. That wee bit of pain when you did my leg muscles was good and the long, slow strokes were my favourite. It’s how I like sex but the big advantage with you is that you know what you are doing down there and even ask what feels best and for how long. Better than sex? 5/5 this time! Anita x

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    "Really looking forward to a follow up massage": @AnitaF, 20th December 2020


    James put me at ease – calm, friendly and intuitive. Everything flowed very well, except at one point when he used the spikey wheel thing, but that is only because I have very sensitive skin. When I tried to touch his penis, he moved away. Really looking forward to a follow up massage in a few weeks – a New Year treat to myself!

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    "[Zone of pleasure lasted 2 hours]": @Mark, 25th June 2020


    I was fortunate enough to enjoy a sensual massage with James recently and would recommend to all. James was attentive, enthusiastic and skilled. He made a great effort to put us both at ease to ensure our experience was the best it could be and was able to take me into a zone of pleasure that lasted for around 2 hours.

    With the massage tailored to my needs it leaves me wanting to visit again to explore further with James and I hope to see him again soon.

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    "First sensual massage": @Tom, 25th June 2020


    This was my first sensual massage with a qualified and experienced masseur. I was quite nervous initially, but James put me at ease through his very down to earth attitude and Karisma. James used a mixture of strokes and toys to enhance the experience. I knew I was sensual, but this experience has awoken desires and feelings that I didn’t even know I had! WoW! Thank you James!

    • James Skinmap
      Reply from 26 Jun 2020 Tom, Thank you so much. It is rare to feel as connected to a client as I did with you – it was a shared sensual journey and I was in the zone, as your giver for probably well over the usual 2 hours. For me, completing the arousal journey to an amazing climax for the client is the most important aspect of my job, and I was happy to oblige you. Enjoy the spikey wheel toy and ostrich feathers you have vowed to purchase! At your service always, James.
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    "Great hands": @SallyL, 9th September 2020


    My massage with James was an excellent experience. He was professional and put me at my ease when we discussed what I wanted from the massage. He checked in with me during and the massage itself was great and really hit the spot. He has great hands.

    • James Skinmap
      Reply from 9 Sep 2020 I am so glad you very clearly got the most from your massage. Your very relaxed attitude certainly appeared to ensure you had a seemingly endless finale. Certainly, it was the first time I have had to hand over to a client due to fatigue! I have started to refer to myself by your nickname, “Magic Hands”. I appreciate your raving to friends about my service – it will really help in developing a client base. Please do let them know I currenly offer a referral discount of 10%, given as a refund after booking when they mention you. James.
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