Mistress of Experiences ~ Exclusively for women

Female Sensual Erotic & Yoni Massage – Exclusively for Bisexual, Bicurious and Lesbian women

What kind of listing is this?
Independent Practitioner
Sensual Massage Provider
Genders Catered To:
Female & Trans & Non-binary

Sensual massage, intimacy & play… exclusively for women & couples.

Sensual massage (also known as erotic massage) is an intimate massage experience designed to engage and arouse the whole body and sexual senses through the art of physical touch and sensory stimulation.

Seren’s experience and techniques will offer you permission to let yourself go through the pleasure of touch and a sensual connection with herself as the massage giver.

“As your masseur, I use my whole body to connect with your physical pleasure senses, through techniques of full body massage and erotic touch. All you have to do is lie down and let yourself be spoiled by letting go of everything outside the room, and indulging entirely in the relaxation and enjoyment of this sensually nourishing experience.”

Depending on your level of comfort, there will be an element of intimate touch (yoni massage) given to you too, with an intention to bring you to climax using hands to deliver clitoral and vaginal stimulation, plus a selection of toys and props if consent is given. We will, of course, discuss your boundaries and consent levels in advance of the massage beginning.

Seren will be fully nude during the more intimate moments of the massage, and you are welcome to lightly touch back if you wish to – or simply relax and indulge yourself in your own feelings of pleasure.

For Women:

Femme Pour Femme

“I work one on one with women only, to offer them the experience of being intimately connected with another woman through the ancient art of sensual massage…

For some, this may be the first time they have experienced intimate touch with another woman. For others… it may be a well-deserved treat, as they pamper themselves and their body with pleasure.

Whichever one it is for you… it is an opportunity to explore your sexuality safely and freely in a luxurious environment, and to indulge your own desire for the female body and feminine erotic touch.”

Erotic Encounter

For some ladies, the desire exists entirely in the receiving – and you are encouraged to indulge your personal pleasure fully.

For others, however, the deeper satisfaction comes from ‘two way play’ and the opportunity to give your own touch in return…

If you would like to explore Seren’s body and add an element of ‘play’ as part of your experience, this is possible as an added extra, and can be included in the session at your personal discretion.

What to expect?

The massage will take place in a specially prepared environment at Seren’s private space in Barbican, London. You will have access to a private shower and bathroom both before and after the massage, and will be provided with some luxury toiletries and towels to use whilst you are here too.

Upon your arrival, we’ll have a chat about your expectations and boundaries, and then I’ll lead you to the massage table where you can prepare to indulge yourself fully for the experience to follow.

The full session from arrival to departure lasts for up to 90 minutes, allowing enough time for you to shower afterwards, and for us to get to know one another before we begin.


Sensual Massage – £180 (90 Minutes)

Sensual Massage with Erotic Encounter – £300 (90 Minutes)

Enquire now for availability : [email protected]

For Couples:

The Unicorn Experience

The Unicorn Experience is the perfect opportunity for any committed couple to share their passion and their pleasure with a third person – Seren Sins.

Seren’s unique and exclusive offering allows couples to explore the idea of opening up their relationship to indulge their sensual senses and combined sexual preferences in a way that welcomes another person in to share in their intimacy, without compromising the boundaries or commitment of their own relationship.

‘The Unicorn Experience’ invites you both to take turns in being pampered indulgently on the massage table, with Seren as your guide and companion in giving pleasure.

You will lay on the table, whilst your partner joins Seren in delivering you with a full-body sensual experience, using hands and whole bodies to connect with your physical pleasure senses. Seren will guide your partner to bring you to climax, using shared techniques of full body massage and erotic touch.

Once indulged, you’ll then be invited to switch places on the table, so that you can now work in sync with Seren to offer the same experience to your partner in return.

Depending on your preferences, you and your partner may also wish to extend your experience to work together in tandem to provide Seren with a massage of your own giving as one.

Seren will be fully nude during the more intimate moments of the massage, and you will be welcome to undress fully or else wear underwear if you prefer. As a couple, it is entirely up to you how long you each spend on the table and we can tailor your experience to focus only on one of you as the receiver, or else indulge you both in equal measure.

Depending on your level of comfort, there will be an element of intimate touch given to you whilst on the table, with the intention to bring you to climax using hands and/or a selection of toys and props as desired. As a couple, you can decide on whether you would prefer this intimate touch to be given only by yourselves, or by Seren as well. We will, of course, discuss your full boundaries and consent levels in advance of the massage beginning.


3-Way Couples Massage (90 Mins)
You and your partner (only) will take turns as the receivers…

3-Way Couples Massage (120 Mins)
You, your partner and Seren will all take turns as the receivers…

Seren Sins is extremely proud to work with a diverse range of women and couples, all of varying identities in regards to their sexuality, sexual preferences, sexual history, and their relationship statuses.

The shared thing in common?
The desire to embrace pleasure. The urge to indulge in sensuality. The curiosity to want to explore… and the confidence to make it happen.

Why should I visit Seren Sins?

The women who most often visit Seren tend to consider themselves either ‘Straight’ Heterosexual, Heteroflexible, Bi-Curious, Bisexual, Lesbian/Gay, Pansexual, Queer, Femme, or else prefer not label themselves at all – and that’s perfectly OK!

Some of these women are in committed relationships or are dating… others are single.

Many of the women who Seren works with are on a personal journey of sexual exploration. Some already feel secure in their identity, but have a desire to indulge.

“Some of the women I work with have already enjoyed sensual experiences with another woman. Other’s have not… but they can’t wait to try!”

Seren works Male/Female and Female/Female couples from all different relationship styles and backgrounds, and with diverse levels of experience too, including those who participate regularly in playful non-monogamy; polyamory; or those who identify as otherwise ‘monogamous’ in their day to day relationship.

No two couples are the same… and nor are their reasons for coming to play. I always endeavour to tailor any couples’ experience to provide a sensual service which suitably satisfies everyone in the room…

Why not ‘just’ men?
Seren’s work focuses primarily on working with women to offer them the experience of exploring their own sexuality and sexual preferences privately, in a secure setting, and with the reassurance and understanding that comes from spending time with another woman. For this reason, Seren prefers to offer her services exclusively to Women, and FF/MF couples only, in order to maintain the purpose of what she sets out to deliver.

Here are some examples of why you may wish to indulge in a sensual massage or BDSM session with Seren Sins:

The desire to indulge yourself fully in a private space, away from home and/or the prying eyes of people you may know or recognise.
The desire to indulge yourself fully without compromise to your relationship status, or yours and your partner’s social/sexual boundaries.
The desire to indulge yourself fully without compromise to your outwardly recognised sexual identity.
The desire to indulge yourself fully without the need to attend sex parties, fetish events, or other social gatherings relating to sensuality and BDSM.
The desire to indulge yourself fully without the expectation to ‘date’ or form a romantic attachment with those you indulge with.
The desire to indulge yourself fully but without wishing use dating apps or social media to find the right person.
The desire to indulge yourself fully without fear of judgement or embarrassment.
The desire to indulge yourself fully… need I say any more?

Seren Sins is an experienced sexuality coach, sensual massage therapist, BDSM Pro-Domme and ‘Mistress of Experiences’ working exclusively with women.

She specialises in Erotic Massage, BDSM, Impact Play, and Sensation Play.

Seren is also an Adult Educator in Sex Positivity, Sexual Intimacy, Alternative Relationships, and Kink.
Stay posted for her new ECourse coming soon!

Seren lives and works in London.

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