Tantra, Shadow, Embodied Consent

I’m a Pleasure Activist and Temple Whore, following a calling to hold trauma informed spaces of permission, consent education and conscious relating.

The foundation to all I do is grounded in devotional Tantra – I am first and foremost a spiritual aspirant on the tantric path. My approach therefore is founded in love, presence, polarity, ritual and expansion. This is further informed by a Queer outlook at life, sexuality, and gender as abundant spectrums, and I’m committed to challenging power structures and paradigms which act to indoctrinate and dissociate body from spirit.

I’m trained and certified in Pelvic Floor Massage, Tantric Massage, Oil & Thai Massage, Consent and Trauma awareness, Dearmouring, Chi Nei Tsang, Karsai Nei Tsang and Craniosacral Therapy. I continuously work on expanding my tools, skills and experience – as well as my mind and my heart.

I offer an integrated practice of expressing, experiencing, and honoring the wholistic body through intimacy, touch, communication, movement, trauma release, shadow work, pleasure, and play.


*Due to COVID 19 I’m currently not taking new clients*

Standard Integrated Session – 230 EUR (up to 2 hours)
Additional time – 100/hr

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