Tantric bodywork and healing

Unique experience

Julia is trained as a professional tantric bodyworker and tantric educator.

She’s been practicing mindfulness, yoga, meditation and tantra for more than 10 years and is offering a unique experience of expanded state of consciousness and quietness of the mind. State that is difficult to access in our busy life but is essential for ones psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Julia uses sexual energy as a gateway to the state of No mind, freedom, expansion and bliss. She teaches her clients to connect to their sexual energy, recognise the forms it manifests in, free it, then learn to control and use it.  The focus in her sessions is not to give pleasure, but release issues blocking the pleasure. It helps client to experience benefits of the session in their personal life and not only in the session.

Part of the therapy could involve some emotional and trauma release as they are the most frequent causes of sexual dysfunctions in men and women. Those block the ability to experience sexual pleasure in profound way which lead to depressions, mental illnesses, psychosomatic and some physical diseases.

Julia offers an individual approach to every client to address their issue and help in the most suitable way.

The bodywork is the fastest way to unblock sexual energy. She uses a mix of different massage techniques from deep firm touch to light full body strokes incorporating energy healing, breath work and shamanic healing.

The fee is £350 per session. The deposit of £100 is payable in advance to secure the space. The length of the session is 3-5h.  Sorry, shorter sessions are not possible.


Coaching. Julia offers coaching on intimacy, sexuality and spirituality.

First session – 1h (Skype / What’s app) – £60

First session – 2h (Skype / What’s app) – £100

Follow up sessions are offered as package, info in the initial session.



  • Why is the session so long? What do we do? – In a session my goal is to connect to you, therefore we need time. We have lengthy consolation to understand your needs and establish deep trust. We have connection rituals and exercises to get a soul connection. This followed by 2-3 h full body massage to unblock the energy and get it moving. It includes prostate and penis (lingam) massage for men and vaginal (yoni) massage for woman.
  • Are you naked? – No, as a therapist I wear clothes as the session is about the client and it helps to concentrate on their own sexual energy.
  • Can I touch and massage you? – As the goal of the session is to help clients to own their sexuality, there’s no mutual touch during the bodywork part of the session. However in some of the exercises client is invited to touch me to built the trust and connection.
  • Do I ejaculate?No, if you’re a man. In my session I help male clients to built a connection with their sexuality by fully feeling it and being able to experience orgasms without loosing their vital force and huge amount of hormones. Yes, it’s possible if you are a woman and you’d like to expand in your sexuality.
  • Can I see you today? – Sorry, I don’t take same day appointments as I’m usually booked about a week in advance. Please contact in advance to book your slot.
  • Do you do outcalls? – Sorry, I only work in my studio based in Hammersmith. I can only visit clients who have reduced mobility.
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