Tantric Therapy & Bodywork

Treatments can help with the below:

The sessions can help you overcome anxiety, depression, body image issues and sexual dysfunction. You can also improve relationships, ability to relax and feel pleasure and ability to give and receive love.

How it works

Tantric healing massage therapy helps you to become more in touch with your body by staying conscious in the present moment. You are then invited to use the tools of breath, sound and movement to access and consciously feel those sensations which have been suppressed. Combined with receiving loving touch from the therapist, this gives the opportunity for the brain to form new neural networks, re-wiring the responses to past memories and providing a powerful tool for self-transformation.

De-armouring, or deep-tissue massage, techniques can help with getting rid of tension and toxins, removing blocks, releasing negative memories, beliefs and emotions by helping to open up the body’s natural energy pathways. This helps the healing life force, or sexual, energy, to flow through the whole body unobstructed.

Treatments for men for help with:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pornography addiction
  • Inhibited ejaculation
  • Love and intimacy issues
  • Sexual shame
  • Low desire/ arousal
  • Low physical sensation
  • Expanding the orgasmic response beyond ejaculation

Prostate and Lingam massage

A prostate massage is offered as part of the treatment. This is a place for men where a lot of negative emotions can be stored, therefore leading to blocks and tensions in that area. Regular prostate massage also helps to protect men from prostate cancer, along with regular exercise, relaxation and a healthy diet.

One of the aims of the treatment is to move life force, or sexual energy through the body for healing purposes, and hence there is no deliberate ejaculation during the lingam massage. Instead, I can help you learn how to separate orgasm from ejaculation, and re-direct the flow of energy inwards and upwards through your body.

Treatments for women for help with:

  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Inability to enjoy sex
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Sexual shame
  • Inability to feel pleasure
  • Vaginismus
  • Insufficient vaginal lubrication
  • Failure to achieve orgasm, even if sexually aroused
  • Fear of rejection

Yoni massage

A Yoni massage is offered as part of the treatment. This is a place where a lot of negative emotions can be stored, blocking a woman’s sexuality, orgasmic potential, relationships, health and happiness. Through a combination of gentle massage incorporating conscious breath, these stagnant emotions can be released so pleasure can come in. I help to teach you how to redirect and move the life force, or sexual energy, through the body.

Amrita is the sacred fluid released when a woman ejaculates. It helps to release the stagnant emotions held in the Yoni and is greatly beneficial to a woman’s health. This can be offered during the treatment when the client is ready.

Treatment structure

A treatment is usually 4-4.5 hours long and includes some, or all, of the following stages:

  • Consultation
  • Shower
  • Meditation
  • Connection rituals
  • Massage
  • Time to relax, shower and share your experiences if you choose to

Each session is tailored to each individual’s unique requirements and is held in a safe and loving space. You are not required to participate in anything you do not wish to do and may stop, or pause, the session at any time.


For treatments in Teesside/ North Yorkshire (I am based on the border of the two counties):

£275 for one session

£750 for 3 sessions

For treatments in London (Enfield):

£350 for one session

£950 for 3 sessions

£55 / 60 mins or £75 / 90 mins online coaching sessions

Please note shorter or longer sessions may be available by request. Some concessions available for the low waged, please ask.


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