Man Yee Cheung
Ko Pha-ngan Sub-district, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani, Thailand
Madurwan Road Tambon Ko Pha-ngan Chang Wat Surat Thani 84280 TH

Are you ready to experience more joy and pleasure in your life? Get in touch with me to learn more how tantric healing bodywork can support you.

What kind of listing is this?
Independent Practitioner
Tantric Healing Practitioner
Qualified Massage Therapist
Genders Catered To:
Male & Female & Trans & Non-binary

Tantric Healing Bodywork has been instrumental for my own healing and growth, as well as for numerous clients I have worked with. With love and compassion, and full body-mind presence, I will support you to re-connect with your essence and life forces at a whole new level.

This healing can support you to live and experience more fully your sexuality, sensuality and emotions. It is one of the keys towards realizing self-worth, self-love, self-mastery, more satisfying emotional and physical intimacy, better sex life, fulfilling relationships, and true happiness.

Are you ready for this brighter and upgraded version of yourself?

Get in touch with me. 现在就跟我联系吧。

WhatsApp: +852 51050447
WeChat 加我微信:MyInJourneyer


By Bios

Apart from my experience and professional training in tantric bodywork, I am also trained in traditional Thai massage. My upbringing in Taoism and practices in Tai Chi and Qigong, practice and facilitation of yoga, movement and stillness meditation, contact improvisation, and continuous studies in various somatic and body-mind disciplines, scientific approaches towards trauma healing, sexology, compassionate communication, consent and boundaries, etc. have all been contributing to my own healing journey, which also has inspired me in supporting each client’s unique process.

Initial free enquiry (online) 免费在线查询

Fees : Free of charge
Duration: Up to 30 minutes /分钟

This allows you to gain a further understanding of tantric healing therapies, and which type of healing session would be most suitable for you. It is free of charge.

Types of healing sessions currently on offer:

1. Exploratory emotional healing bodywork / 探索情绪疗愈身体工作
Fees: 900 Yuan/人民币 (China) / 4500 Baht /泰铢 (Thailand)
Duration: 3 hours / 小时

2. Tantric healing bodywork / 谭崔疗愈身体工作
Fees: 1100 ~ 1700 Yuan/人民币 (China) / 5500 ~ 8500 Baht /泰铢(Thailand)
Duration: 4 ~ 6 hours /小时

3. Pelvic Floor Therapeutic Massage / 骨盆底疗愈按摩

Fees: 600 Yuan / 人民币 (China) / 3000 Baht /泰铢 (Thailand)

Duration: 2 hours

How a healing session looks like

All sessions will start with an extended confidential consultation about your personal issues, specific needs, and details of your personalized therapy. Your session will be tailor-made to suit you.

Typically, a therapy session may include the following elements:

Defining the focus and intention for your healing session
Cleansing rituals including taking a shower to relax
Connection rituals to support establishing trust and connection between you and me in a safe and sacred environment
Relaxation and preparation of the body and mind. It may involve the use of touch, dynamic / stillness meditation, relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, voice opening exercises, communications, etc.
Full body deep massage while entering and maintaining a state of embodied presence and mindfulness
Emotional / trauma release, yoni / lingam / prostate massage, de-armouring
Somatosensory / interoception awareness training focusing on pain and / or pleasure
Self-empowerment and the art of expression and communication of one’s own will, desires, needs and boundaries
Energy healing work / breathwork

Examples of issues addressed

Enhancing abilities for emotional / physical intimacy
Deepening connection at all levels in intimate relationships
Enhancing abilities to experience joy and love at emotional / physical level
Obstacles in healthy & positive body experience including sexuality / sensuality
Low or loss of interests in sex
Body dysmorphia
Past abuse or trauma, sexual, physical or emotional
Anxiety or tension
Addictions (especially porn and sex)
Prostatitis (except bacterial infection)
Erectile issues (erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation)

Man Yee Cheung 1 year ago
Man Yee Cheung 1 year ago
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