Tantric Bodywork Healing Therapy

Tantric Healing, in London: Making way for deeper, more fulfilling intimacy and relationships:

We often hold past negative experiences and trauma in our body’s cellular memory, which can affect our love life and relationships. The Tantric-Taoist bodywork can evoke unexpected memories and emotions which are ready to be released and healed. Kate creates a safe and caring space to help clients to meet these emotions, and to reconnect more deeply with their sexuality. Sessions include deeply relaxing and nurturing bodywork as part of the therapy.

Therapeutic prostate and genital area massage:

The session may include therapeutic prostate and lingam massage, following initial consultation. In Eastern healing traditions the prostate gland is an area where men can accumulate tension and emotional / physical toxins. The purpose of the prostate massage is to help manage stress from day-to-day life, to work with any emotional blockages and trauma in that area, and to maintain a healthy prostate gland. It’s a very gentle massage, performed after deep relaxing bodywork.

*New*: Kate is now offering 3-hr sessions (treatment price £200) focusing on therapeutic prostate massage, ideal for men who need regular treatments to manage stress and prostate health. These sessions include time for consultation, deep healing bodywork for the back of the body, and the therapeutic prostate massage treatment.

The aim of the lingam massage is to help heal erectile issues (such as erectile dysfunction / premature ejaculation) and trauma. In addition, she also supports clients with learning to separate orgasm and ejaculation for health and vitality. In Eastern traditions, this ancient practice helps keeps men vital and youthful, through the retention of sexual energy, and helps them to journey longer with their partners during intimacy.

I offer the option of team-working with qualified holistic psychotherapists, who specialize in sexual issues. Please contact Kate for more details.

Some commonly asked questions:

– Will you be clothed or naked? I work clothed, as the focus of the session is about you, and your own healing journey

– Is ejaculation part of the therapy? I help support men with the tantric practice of separating orgasm and ejaculation for health and vitality, so ejaculation isn’t part of this work

– Is the session interactive – will I be able to touch you? It’s not interactive massage. The session is about you receiving completely, and being supported to come back into connection with yourself

– How intimate is the tantric bodywork? The bodywork includes oil massage, incorporating all parts of the body as agreed with clients, for health and wellbeing. The session may include prostate and lingam massage, after initial consultation

– What am I likely to feel during the session? You’ll receive a long sequence of bodywork which may evoke strong memories and emotions from the past. The emotional release work will be balanced with deeply relaxing and nurturing bodywork to create trust, safety and enjoyment

– Length / cost of session:

4 – 5 hour bodywork therapy session (working with the whole body): £350

3-hour therapeutic prostate massage treatment (back of body only): £200

A deposit of £100 is payable in advance. Shorter appointments are not possible

– Location of session: Hammersmith, West London

Do you offer offer outcalls: No

How soon can I get an appointment? I generally book clients 1-2 weeks in advance, but last minute appointments are sometimes available.

Please contact me if you have any further questions. Thank you.

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“I entered the therapy room and was immediately immersed with a sense of sacred calmness.The space Kate created was done with an extremely high consideration for my comfort and relaxation.Throughout the whole session, her soothing voice allowed me to drop deeper into a state of openness. It was actually like another realm really. Kate sometimes gently informed me of what she was about to do, and at all times I felt great integrity and confidence with her practical and emotional skill, within such an intimate environment. After the session I experienced a tangible increase in my level of energy, and my stuck-ness had dissolved. I would highly recommend her for anybody wishing to remove deeply blocked energies, particularly around the base chakra area. It was very beautiful, thank you.”

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“Thank you Kate for the 1-2-1 experience! It was such an exhilarating moment – Never in my life had I released a surge of energy in such a long loud voice that could have brought the roof down, had not for the towel you gave me prior to cover my mouth! And in the afternoon session during the Group Practice, your gentle loving touch brought out the stuck emotion of “Abandonment” from deep within my being. Overall, my experience was calming & therapeutic. I am totally inspired by the manner of your work!! You hold a space of calmness & safety without me feeling any guilt or shame. I strongly recommend Kate to any man who has not had a Tantric Journey Experience to step up and forward to experience the humanness of his being. Thank you Kate, for such boundless compassionate love!!! “

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“My session with Kate was my first experience of Tantric Massage, and Tantra in general. We spent some time talking at first, Kate explained what the session would involve and how I might feel, and she is a compassionate listener, allowing me to open up and talk frankly about issues around sex, love, emotions, sexual performance that I had not addressed or found a forum to discuss for a long time. Being able to speak these thoughts out loud and share them with a woman, without any agenda, was a real privilege and allowed me to feel a very strong emotional and physical trust with her. Sexual desire and emotional connection, which were so important to me in my 20s, had become totally neglected after 10 years of marriage and kids. It felt like a really important step to take the time for myself and find those feelings again. I imagine that this is a fairly common experience for men (and women), it is one of the quiet taboos in a relationship, and so being able to talk and physically express these feelings openly was a huge release. Kate has a very strong physical empathy that made the massage an intense and extraordinary range of sensations, never rushed, in fact I completely lost track of time. With me she identified the area of my chest around my heart as an important centre of feeling and I can still feel the sensation and warm feeling around my heart a week later. Thank you for being so generous with your time and spirit.”

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“Kate was recommended to me by a therapist who helped me through a severe life crisis 15 years ago, one caused by a long protracted marriage breakdown and divorce. I thought for a long time that I had got over this but recently I realised that there was long term deep physical and emotional damage that my body memory was still carrying : intermittent erectile dysfunction, fear of permanent intimate relationships, and periodic depression and anxiety. I have a demanding and successful career and this masked my inner trauma. Kate does whole body work that releases blocked energy and pain, and this is carried out in a healing combination of professionalism, a high level of skill in her craft, and genuine heartfelt care.”

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