Tantric Massage & De-armouring

Tantric Massage & De-armouring
Warsaw, Poland
28 rondo Dmowskiego Warszawa mazowieckie 00-001 PL

Agata is a tantric bodyworker and de-armouring practitioner. She supports women and men during their inner journey to bring back ability to feel, to embody, to let life flow through and to be tender with oneself. To shed what is no longer needed and arise in personal power. She offers body de-armouring and sexual de-armouring sessions. One of the more unique of Agata’s practices are 3-4 hour long rituals of variety of tantric massages – the journey to meet your carnal self, to communicate with subconscious.

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Independent Practitioner
Tantric Healing Practitioner
Online Sessions Offered
Genders Catered To:
Male & Female & Trans & Non-binary

Over last 5 years Agata participated in dozens of trainings and workshops – all in pursuit to touch better: to touch more consciously and intuitively at the same time. She’s fascinated by healing power of touch regardless of whether it is de-armouring work, pleasure learning session or a ritual of tantric massage.

Body de-armouring / Sexual de-armouring session (2-2.5 hour session includes: initial interview, 1.5-2 hours of bodywork and integration time, 120 Euro)

De-armouring it’s a type of bodywork which may help:
– to unlock and release unwanted patterns of behaviour;
– to address and transform trauma;
– to remove physical, emotional and energetic blockages in the body.
These sessions are held in close cooperation with a client and are aimed at releasing emotions stuck in the body.
De-armouring deepens connection between you and your body. It improves energy flow thereby makes your body more alive.

It is largely intuitive work, intensive and often painful. Techniques may include work on body armour through deep steady touch and/or fascia massage. It also involves energy work. De-armouring requires full focus of a receiver, their willingness to cooperate and to be coachable.

Bye, bye STRESS massage (4 hour session – includes: pre-talk, 3 hours of bodywork and integration time, 150 Euro)

Massage created to relieve and relax your body, to free you from the effects of stress. It may be a full body massage (except genital area) or it may focus on chosen parts of the body. It’s tailored to your current needs. This massage blends variety of techniques: de-armouring, fascia massage, caring touch, energy work and power of essential oils. You will experience both light and very deep touch. Bye, bye STRESS works on many levels by removing physical tension from the body, improving energy flow, and giving space to release emotions if the body is ready for it.

More info regarding sessions coming soon…

Tantric Massage & De-armouring 2 years ago
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