Tantric-Tao Shamanic Bodywork

I offer a deeply healing somatic bodywork, mixing Tantra, Taoism, sacred touch and Shamanic Energy work to create a space of safety for profound healing and orgasmic bliss. The session can last up to 6/7 hours ensuring every part of the body is attended to, using deep surrendering massage and soft sensual touch to de-armour the body and allow your sacred feminine to emerge.

Amrita release (female ejaculation) is also part of my work, after this sacred experience, many women feel as if every cell in their body is vibrating with more space and light in the body. This deep release of pleasure and emotions helps to awaken your wild, sacred feminine Shakti. I work intuitively, energetically and shamanically. Bringing all my past training together in this beautiful embrace, we work together to activate and release the body through breath sound and movement.

I specialise in supporting women after pregnancy termination, miscarriage, still-birth and childbirth including caesarian section surgery and also women who’ve had a hysterectomy or cancer in the pelvic area.

I also coach Men, helping them to step into their power and overcome whatever holds them back from having the relationship and life they want.

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