Whether you would like to try prostate massage for therapeutical, pleasurable, detoxifying or de-stressing reasons, ProstateJoy is here
to assist you. Female therapist Miss Joy has given over 500 lovely prostate massages, be it external, internal or prostate milking. Be it that you are a novice, or prostate connoisseur, you are in capable hands.
Take advantage of your special erotogenous prostate area as there is no shame in prostate.
Preceding to the joyful prostate massage itself you receive a deeply relaxing, slow paced, therapeutic, sensual full body optional naturist massage with natural hot oil or 100% raw coconut oil.
Soothing, relaxing, cozy, clean, safe, discreet environment assured. Shower, clean towel, free hug available 🙂
To find out more go to http://www.prostatejoy.co.uk or text, call, WhatsApp on +44 7496 673551.

Thank you and all the best care to your prostate.


Joy xx

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