Getting Back to Massage Business After Coronavirus Lockdown 

Sheltering in place has not been easy for small businesses, and even as things begin to re-open, healing practitioners of tantra or erotic massage, de-armouring and other forms of bodywork, may be anxious that their clients will still be afraid of physical contact. 

The question on everyone’s minds now is, can we cautiously get back to life as “normal?” Your service can thrive again with additional advertising and by reassuring clients about the safe and hygienic measures that you practice, whilst still following current restrictions and regulations. Now, more than ever, your clients old and new need relief from stress and anxiety. 

As a therapist, you have waited patiently, under considerable financial pressure, and with concerns about the impact of the crisis on your massage business. However, it’s now time to get back to the life that you love, and support the healing process both for others and yourself.

It’s Okay to Begin Advertising 

The world has recently gone through an unprecedented time due to COVID-19 and the lockdown rules that followed. Handling the situation as a business or service has difficult. It has also been a difficult time as a practitioner, knowing that you could bring stress relief to your clients, but are unable to do so. 

Many people have been without touch, away from direct contact with others, and deprived of a simple hug for weeks or even months. As the lockdown restrictions start to lift, some people may not consider massage as a priority, even with the re-opening of bodywork and massage businesses. So, it’s time to remind your existing and potential clients of the importance and benefits of touch, such as stress relief, immunity boost, and the feeling of peace that your service can provide them. This is what many people are currently longing for! 

It’s time to approach existing clients who know you well, and trust your safety standards. However, be sure to check any remaining restrictions where you live and work, and reassure your clients that you will work within the current restrictions and regulations. 

Imagine you’re a client who has just received a comforting message from their tantric massage therapist. Small gestures like this are kind and reassuring, and will help to build a lasting relationship with your clients. 

Set a date for your business to re-open and let current and potential clients know this, and that they have a safe place to receive your services. 

Consider New Ways to Serve 

As a massage practitioner, in-person services are usually the core of your business. However, as the Coronavirus lockdown may still pose restrictions, consider how your training and expertise can be converted to serve your clients online. Your clients will get back to their regular lifestyle at different paces, so you should be sensitive to their needs. Let them know that you are there for them no matter what. Your online sessions could include self-massage practice, tantric energy work, somatic awareness, and intimacy coaching. 

Take advantage of our recently added ‘Online Sessions’ function in the Tantralize Directory, which is designed to make it easy for potential online clients to find you. 

Revisit and Communicate Your Cleaning and Disinfecting Practice 

As a massage practitioner, you should already be aware of the importance of safety and hygiene in your workspace. Let clients observe you washing your hands and keeping the space clean and hygienic during their visit. This will reassure them and help them to relax. 

The coronavirus pandemic has brought to light the risk of transferring the virus through contact with shared surfaces. You should now properly disinfect door handles, water faucets, light switches and any other surfaces that clients may touch when they visit your massage practice. 

As lockdown restrictions are being lifted, it is very important for you to let your clients know in your advertising what is being done to ensure a healthy and safe atmosphere. 

Prepare for High Client Demand as Lockdown Lifts

Clients who are familiar with your services are likely to schedule a session as soon as possible. Your service may suddenly be in high demand, with eager and excited clients ready to get back to their normal activities. So, keep this in mind as you advertise and prepare your schedule. 

If you live in an area where massage services are not yet permitted, but will be soon, it’s important to begin advertising now. Find incentives to encourage existing clients to book ahead in preparation for your opening. This will help ease the sudden rush for everyone to schedule.  

Be Prepared for Clients’ Emotional Responses

Some clients may be emotional when they see you again after a long break. Many of them have been isolating at home and trying to cope without touch or human contact.  
Getting out and receiving massage again will be wonderful, but may also be an intense experience for some people. 

As a healing practitioner, be prepared to support clients with strong emotions that may come up. It’s important to do some research about touch deprivation and how this can affect people physically and psychologically. Your caring touch and presence will be needed now more than ever. 

Zen stones piled up on the beach at the sunset.

Ease the Financial Strain 

It’s likely that you have been under significant financial strain during the COVID-19 pandemic, and you may have concerns about being able to reopen your business again. 

However, there may be other massage practitioners nearby in the same situation as you. Consider meeting up with like-minded business operators who have also taken a hit. With some brainstorming, you may be able to come up with some creative cost-saving ideas.  

These could include: 

  • Sharing the cost of cleaning services that specialize in deep cleaning work spaces. Cleaning companies may offer a discount if you book together with other businesses, and they may also consider this for regular cleaning visits. 
  • Buying massage materials in bulk and sharing the cost with fellow small business owners. 
  • Sharing work space with other therapists who may also be struggling to pay the rent. 

Update your Free Listing with Tantralize to Attract New Clients 

Take some time to review and update the information in your Tantralize Directory profile. Consider adding information relevant to the current COVID-19 situation. This could include information about the importance and benefits of receiving touch, and the high standards of safety and hygiene that you offer in your practice space. Also, make sure that your clients know you are mindful of local COVID-19 guidelines and are following any regulations. 

If you don’t yet have a personal profile listing in the Tantralize Directory, register here for a free trial and advertise your massage business (including online services) to help rebuild your client base and finances. 

Stay Optimistic and Allow it Some Time 

You know that your service is needed. It hasn’t been easy during the lockdown, and it may not be easy to get going again. So be patient with yourself and your clients. Together, we can rebuild our businesses and communities, and help bring back a sense of wellness and peace. 

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