How to Enjoy a Sensual Massage

A boat on a lake at the sunset.

Did you enjoy your last sensual, erotic massage? I mean, did you really immerse yourself in it or was it something happening to you as opposed to with you? Sometimes, prospective clients say to me that they’ve had good massages but they find it difficult to fully relax and enjoy the massage because of anxiety or apprehension about what will happen. 

If you are nervous about having a sensual massage, then I hope that my story below will help to reduce any anxiety you may feel and enable you to really enjoy your next erotic massage. 

A Boat Ride to a Better Sensual Massage

The soft, mossy grass felt like a carpet beneath my shoeless feet as a light breeze from the sea fanned cool my bare torso under the sun’s heat. I’d forgotten the joy of walking barefoot as I trekked the well-trod path towards the cliff top. As I reached the hill’s summit, the sea crept into view. The blue-green water flashed like a sequined blanket as sunlight glinted off the waves. I paused there to taste the scene, and plan my way down to the beach. 

Stepping onto the fine stoneless sand at the base of the cliff, I picked my way towards the breaking waves. That first contact of cold water on dry dusty feet stung as my toes sunk deep into the soft wet sand at the water’s edge. 

My boat, a small wooden rowing boat named Bob, lay lopsided as if it was sleeping on the sand under the hot sun. Along the beach, there was a narrow wooden jetty. I dragged Bob by his rope in the breaking waves towards the jetty, feeling the weight of him intermittently heavy and then light as he beached and floated on the waves. 

Reaching the jetty, I put one foot up to the single plank and then, once steady, hauled up my other foot from the knee-deep water. Bob floated freely now, following alongside as I made my way to the end of the jetty. In deeper water, I threw my bag into him and stepped hesitantly down, sitting quickly as he wobbled at my sudden arrival. 

Rowing out away from the beach, the sounds of children playing on the beach gently faded until all I could hear was the rhythmic slap, slap, slap, slap of the waves as they hit the boat’s side. The tide was ebbing and we drifted slowly with the wind parallel to the coast. Soon the tide would turn back landward. 

Now was time to lay back on my towel, watch the clouds mooch in the sky and permit the rhythmic rocking of the boat seduce me to sleep. I hovered on that dim edge between consciousness and dreams as we drifted along on the breeze to beyond the bay. 

I’m not sure how long I’d napped, but my phone alarm woke me abruptly. On sitting up, I could see we’d drifted along past the headland to the next bay, and the tide was now working with the wind to blow me back to shore. This new bay was very similar to the one I’d left, but something I couldn’t identify felt quite different to me. 

Once ashore, I secured Bob against some rocks. Taking big strides on the dry hot sand, I made my way toward the rocky path and up the cliffs. It was all very similar to the beach I’d set out from, yet the feeling of something being different persisted. Something had changed, and as I climbed the steep rocks, I couldn’t work out what it was. 

Reaching the cliff top, I stopped and looked back down from this new, higher vantage. I saw where my journey had started and ended. I saw the bays and the sea. I saw my tiny boat on the beach. And then I knew what had changed. It was me. I had changed.

A male lying on a massage table and enjoying the massage

Sensual Massage is a Journey

Your sensual, erotic massage is a journey of exploration, just like my boat trip. It’s a journey in which it is good to allow your mind to become calm and accepting of events, yet it’s also important to remain fully aware of your environment. I was aware of my surroundings in the boat. I had trust in knowing where the wind and the tide would take me and was able to lay back, feeling safe in allowing the sensory journey to happen. Your masseur or masseuse may help you to get into the right mood mentally for your massage by employing some brief breathing exercises, some initial grounding touch, and by encouraging you to share any concerns you may have in a short chat before the massage. They may use other methods, but all good masseurs will aim to create the right mood. 

Surrendering Control in an Erotic Massage Session

Sometimes, I talk to new clients who have a ‘shopping list’ of things they’d like to happen during the massage. They go into great detail about where to touch, how the massage will unfold and what should happen when. This desire to choreograph the massage can often arise because of anxiety about what may happen. This anxiety is normal and rational, but it can be a barrier to relaxing and enjoying the experience. Allowing another person, who you may have only just met, to touch you intimately is, of course, something that is not easy to do. There’s a considerable amount of trust required. Some anxiety is natural, and is good because it creates a sense of anticipation and excitement. However, too much anxiety can have a big impact on your ability to relax and fully enjoy your massage. A good massage practitioner will recognise this and can help you relax. 

The Importance of Trust in Sensual Massage

In my story, I allow the elements to take me on a journey. I’m not able to govern the tide or the wind and I’m not close to the safety of the beach. It may appear that I’m not in control. However, I have taken note of the weather, the state of the tide. I’ve set my alarm, and I know my boat. My senses are also tuned in to what is happening. What I’m saying is that by understanding and tuning in to my environment and by taking some reasonable precautions, I am able to safely relax and let go to fully immerse myself in the situation. I have given myself the confidence and security to explore new feelings and experiences. 

Good Erotic Masseurs and Masseuses Understand You

You can take similar precautions when arranging an erotic massage. I recommend you choose a massage provider who appears professional in how they respond to you. Look for one who is experienced and who will ask what your preferences are and what your motivation is for having a massage. If you have definite ‘no go’ areas or things that you definitely don’t want, then it’s important that your masage provider asks about these immediately before the massage, and complies with them. On a practical level, they should also check about contra-indicators for massage and any allergies or injuries. If they do these things, then you can be more confident in their hands and under their guidance, and you can relax more easily and enjoy your massage. 

Sensual Massage is About the Journey, Not Just the Destination

An experienced masseur or masseuse will know how to relax you, how to sense your desires, and will guide you on your massage journey. They will counsel you against over-choreographing the massage whilst ensuring that you can set boundaries and ask for what you really want. They will adopt a client-led approach that works within an environment that they will create for you. They’ll lead you on a journey of exploration and discovery. You’ll leave the massage studio and go back to a familiar world, but you’ll have a new and different perspective… just like I did from the top of that cliff after my boat trip. Plus, you’ll feel fantastic, and will look forward to your next massage more in anticipation than trepidation. 

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If you would like to take your own sensual exploration journey, please visit the erotic massage section of Tantralize Directory to find a massage provider in your area. 

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