How To Find A Genuine Tantric Massage Therapist

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What Is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a holistic modality that focuses on healing. Tantric therapists incorporate different tools and practices in order to treat a range of issues. These include physical, psychological and emotional imbalances that can hugely affect our lives. Tantric therapy deals with the resulting issues we may develop with our sexuality, relationships, body confidence, and more. This is done by releasing any blocks, and allowing more balance to come into the whole interconnected mind-body-soul system. 

There are many practitioners offering sensual and erotic massages. These are mainly focused on giving pleasure, often including the option of ejaculation for men. There are many benefits of receiving a session like this, which include relaxation, opening up to more pleasure in the body, and the healing benefits of receiving touch and intimacy. 

Is Tantric Therapy the Same as Sensual Massage?

The answer is no. Tantric massage is not quite the same thing as sensual massage, which can confuse some clients. Genuine tantric therapists offer more than a purely pleasurebased massage. Although they also work with helping the client to experience pleasure and sexual energy in the body, orgasms are not a goal and what you will often find is that ejaculation is not an option for male clients. This is because many therapists teach clients the separation of orgasm and ejaculation, which is beneficial in many ways. They also work with removing any physical, emotional, and psychological blocks that may prevent a client from experiencing their sexual energy moving through their body. Once the energy is moving, the need to ejaculate is often no longer a concern. Instead, clients can then get to experience full body orgasms 

Issues That Can Be Addressed in a Tantric Massage Therapy Session

Common reasons for finding a tantric therapist include experiencing erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation, and inability to experience pleasure or orgasms during sex. Other reasons for looking for a tantric therapist may be to improve your relationship, to overcome sexual anxiety, or to learn to enhance intimacy.  

Some clients have suffered from traumas such as sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, and it is especially important to find the right practitioner who can hold the space for them. Some tantric therapists are specially trained to support clients with releasing trauma from the body. 

How To Find A Genuine Tantric Practitioner

The first thing you should do is to determine what are you looking for within your session. If it is just pleasure and release of tension, we recommend that you look for a Sensual Massage provider. The reason for this is you might find that genuine tantric therapists will not want to offer a session unless you want to work on any of your specific issues.  

However, if you are looking to heal any issues, expand your sexual potential for pleasure, learn more about tantric techniques, or about how to be more mindful and connected to your body, then you should look for a qualified Tantric Massage Therapist. 

A genuine practitioner has usually done some training and holds a qualification for doing the work. You can ask to see a copy of their insurance, as insurance companies will only insure those who hold a qualification they recognise and accept. Genuine practitioners often have a website where you can go to read about them and their work, as well as featuring any testimonials. They will have a photo of themselves so you know what they look like before you arrive for the appointment. Another way is to look online in trusted directories which only list qualified practitioners. It is a good idea to contact any therapist you are thinking of having a session with, and speak with them. Genuine therapists will find some time to speak with you, and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Finally, be aware of your intuition. If someone feels like a ‘no’ for you, factor that in when making the decision about which practitioner to go and see. 

Things to Watch Out for When Looking for a Practitioner

The field of tantric massage is not regulated, which means that anyone can call themselves a tantric practitioner, healer, or therapist. This is regardless of any lack of training or experience which they may have. Following the guidelines outlined above will mean that you will have a good chance of finding a professional and caring practitioner who will have your best interests at heart. 

However, it is possible that you may come across a therapist who is not in their full integrity. Watch out for anyone who does not display a photograph on their profile page, or who won’t find the time to speak with you before making an appointment. A practitioner who does not help you set healthy boundaries, who disrespects your boundaries, or tries to push you into having an experience that you do not want to have, especially of a sexual nature, is likely to be posing as a genuine therapist in order to get something for themselves. 

Tips on Dealing with Unprofessional Therapists

Should you find yourself having a session like this, know that you can always request for the session to stop if you feel uncomfortable in any way.  

The importance of consent and boundaries in tantric healing cannot be underestimated. If proper boundaries are not set and respected, this can re-traumatise the people who are already vulnerable.  

Tantric massage therapy has much to offer in ways of both pleasure and trauma healing. Take your time in selecting the right practitioner for you, go slow, and avoid any therapist who tries to pressure you into making any decisions that don’t feel right for you. 

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