Working with Trauma for Bodyworkers Workshop


“Working with Trauma for Bodyworkers” is a 7 hours long live recording of a 2-day foundation workshop led by Ralf Marzen from Embodied Trauma Healing. Within the workshop an audience of experienced tantric massage bodyworkers asked questions relevant to their work, which then were answered by Ralf. It is a great, in depth and yet easy to understand explanation of tra­uma, its causes and effects and some safe ways of facilitating its release. This video will give you valuable insight and potentially a different perspective when it comes to working with clients with trauma. It is a must watch for therapists who are beginners as well as advanced practitioners offering tantric bodywork, sexological bodywork or any other somatic therapy.



About Ralf Marzen:

Ralf is a psychologist (Dip Psych), trauma therapist and mindfulness teacher with 20 years of experience working with individuals and groups.

He is the first accredited NARM practitioner in the UK and a NARM supervisor and senior assistant to Dr Laurence Heller, the founder of this revolutionary approach to trauma healing. Ralf qualified in Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SE Adv) and also trained in ISP (Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy) and Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Besides trauma therapy practice, he is also the director of StillPoint Centre for WellBeing in Central London and Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage.

Ralf says about his work: “On a personal level, I am familiar with the effects of both shock and developmental trauma. In my own ongoing healing journey, I have found the sensitivity, compassion and clarity to support others in their trauma recovery. I am dedicated to helping my clients overcome the effects of trauma and to cultivate more balanced, connected, and meaningful lives.”

Some of the main questions and explanations from the workshop:

  • Simplified explanation of what Trauma is
  • When does trauma/emotional release happen?
  • Emotional release – when is it too much of a release or too little?
  • How do we know someone is ready to meet their trauma?
  • Why people say yes when they mean no?
  • How do we assess client inner state in a session?
  • How to help a client to access their trauma?
  • What is the difference between bodywork and other therapies?
  • How to measure progress?
  • How to deal with trauma during session?
  • Aftercare
  • Does healing crisis exist?
  • Limits of knowledge
  • How do we make this a safe practice?

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