Tantralize’s Undercover Healing Mission

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I see that you have visited our website. That’s fantastic! I am very happy to have you as a guest. You might be wondering if this website is really for you. You may be looking for therapeutic tantric massage sessions or to become listed as a tantric practitioner, sexological bodyworker or an intimacy coach. If that is the case, you may be thinking that this tantric massage directory is not for you; that it’s too sensual or that it does not correlate with what you do as a therapist. You may not want to work with sex workers and you probably don’t want people calling you and looking for a “happy ending” massage that you don’t provide. I understand your concerns, but before you make a final judgement about Tantralize, hear me out.

Bridging of Two Worlds

The idea behind Tantralize is to bridge the world of sensual massage and Tantra. I understand that these are two completely different things and that they have been confused and mistaken by many people, probably due to the word “Tantra” being largely misused for the purpose of sensual massage or escorting services. One of Tantralize’s goals is to attract people who don’t know what Tantra is or have been given the wrong idea about it, and to try to educate them on what it is really about. The majority of those people have probably never had an opportunity to find out more about it and are relying on the false information and dishonest impressions given to them by advertisers. If they were repeatedly told that there was nothing more to Tantra than a sensual massage, then why would they think any different? On this website, they can find what they are looking for in terms of sensual massage, but also discover much more than that. I discovered Tantra by simply looking for intimacy with another person, which led me to becoming a tantric practitioner. Now I can help others who are ready for it and prepare those who are not. To my surprise, many of my clients who come to me looking for an erotic massage are willing to try tantric healing, once I explained it to them, and they are ultimately very happy to have experienced it. I am afraid that if I hadn’t introduced them to it, they might have never found out about it as they would be bouncing between people who don’t provide real tantric healing work.

Tantra is Also Acceptance

I personally don’t see things as black or white, good or bad; I come from a place of acceptance. I respect people who wish to provide or receive sensual massages just as much as I respect everyone who is looking for healing. Perhaps they are at a different stage of their evolution. I am not one to judge the path that other people have chosen. In fact, I think sensual massage can also be healing and I know many tantric practitioners who agree with that. It may not provide the same benefits or may not have as much to offer as tantric massage does, I am not disputing that, but I would not say that they are bad. If you think they are, then I am sure that you have seen or experienced a “bad thing” leading to a good one. If you think people aiming for erotic massages have a problem, then they may be the ones who need even more of your love and compassion to be accepted, understood and helped, rather than being evaded.

The Challenge

The question is, are you ready to take on that challenge? I understand that not everyone who offers tantric healing will love this idea and I know it might be challenging for me to convince them to join us. Those who join might also find it challenging to educate people who just look for an erotic, quick-fix massage; they may not always be willing to listen. It’s important to know that among sensual massage lovers, there are people who also need help and who might also be grateful to experience the healing aspect of Tantra. I never understood what Tantra really was just by reading articles about it. I had to have someone to explain to me the practical side of it and help me experience it. Perhaps others need the same.

Words of Advice

If you are here to participate, let me provide you with some tips:

  • Make the nature of your work clear in your listing.
  • If you are worried that you might be getting too many requests for a “happy ending” massage, do not provide your phone number. Those who are determined to get healing will email you directly or through contact form provided on your profile.
  • If you prefer not to list your e-mail address, clients can still contact you through a contact form on your listing. You will be notified of each new message to your e-mail (the one you registered your account with).
  • Another way would be to use an alternative phone number so that you know that the person who is calling you got your contact details from Tantralize.
  • Email every client that has reached out to you with a pre-written message with bullet points. Educate them a little on Tantra and list the things that you DO and DON’T offer. Ask if what you are offering is clear to them.
  • If you are worried that being listed here might have an effect on your reputation, use a new alias rather than your real name.

This way, you may get more clients while simultaneously reaching out to more people who need help.

We will try our best to keep the directory tasteful and free of explicit content. It is strictly for sensual massage and tantric bodywork for healing. You can also get listed as sexological bodyworker, yoga instructor or sex and intimacy coach – provided that you have the right qualifications and background to support your practice.

If you would like to join please read the instruction and guidelines on how to register and what to include in your profile, depending on if you would like to be listed as a therapist or a sensual massage provider.

If you experience any difficulties with clients, and need some support, please reach out to us to [email protected] We have a team of counsellors, from different backgrounds, who can support bodyworkers and tantric healers working in this environment.

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