Tantric Healing: The Power of Online Sessions

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What are Tantric Healing Sessions? 

Tantric healing offers an opportunity explore many aspects of life, since authentic Tantra embraces everything. Some practitioners, like myself, focus specifically on tantric sexuality and any blockages, traumas, or beliefs that may inhibit a healthy, loving, open sexual expression. 

This then brings us into an exploration of the heart; how we bring love into our connection both with our own sexuality, but also with any intimate relationships we may have with others. It can also then connect in to even bigger dimensions of how we bring our sex lives into unity with our spiritual life, if indeed this is an aspect of life we wish to explore. Other people may bring life challenges that are not directly related to sex, and these too can be worked on, so each session is tailored to the needs of the client. It’s good to find out from your tantric healer what their area of focus is, to see if they are an ideal match for you.

What Happens in a Tantric Healing Session? 

At the beginning of tantric healing sessions, the client and therapist talk about and explore any challenges the client may be experiencing. This is followed by the healing session, which can include direct physical contact (if the client is happy with this way of working). I combine breathwork tools with bodywork techniques, and that combination brings truly powerful, life-changing results. 

Can Tantric Healing Sessions Work Online?

In recent years, I have got curious. Could I work as a tantric healer and offer online sessions? Would it work? I was initially dubious about it, especially because the bodywork can be such a key aspect of what I do. Surely, it would diminish the power and the effect of the work, if I was not there physically. But I kept on wondering…would people still get a profound healing? Or would it just not work? 

I decided that the only way to find out was to try it. So, starting with a friend who was curious about the work I did, she joined me online as a test client with whom I road-tested a method of working online using tantric tools and techniques. The results blew me away. They blew her away too. 

The Tantric Healing Process

What we discovered in that first session was life changing for both of us. Whilst I could not use any direct physical contact, obviously I could still guide someone through a tantric healing process, using breath, verbal guidance, and also guiding them in how to touch and bring deep healing to their own body, using massage and de-armouring techniques (deep healing bodywork). 
Perhaps this sounds strange, but even over Skype I actually felt like I was right there with the client, feeling what they were feeling. As an empath I was used to this happening during one to one session’s directly, but it was amazing that it was working online in the same way. 

Intimate Healing Online 

Some would say that our energy bodies were meeting and working together on another plane of consciousness. What I and my first test client found was a level of intimate healing that made it seem as though we were right there, in the same room together. And through the guidance I offered her, she went through a deep healing process, and rose into a state of whole-body orgasm. 

I wondered if this was a fluke. I tried it with a few other people, and again and again, the results blew them and me away. I was sold! This work could absolutely, undeniably work online! 

The Empowerment of Tantric Online Sessions 

As a result, I started offering tantric sessions online as an additional aspect of my work. The effects I saw were amazing. Not only were deep healing and powerful orgasmic states happening, but there was also a unique level of empowerment they were experiencing. Clients were using these tools and techniques on themselves, and then seeing and feeling the results. This seemed to increase their inclination to use them outside of sessions. 

Giving You the Tantric Tools for Life 

Now don’t get me wrong, seeing a tantric sexual healer in person is still powerful, but there are also other ways to work, and doing it online brings its own unique set of benefits. A potential shadow aspect of going to see someone for regular tantric massages is that you become reliant on that person to ‘get you there.’ Working online gives you the tools that you need to start working with in the session, and you then carry them into your wider love life. The focus shifts to giving you the tools so that you can bring yourself there—to the wider open state of orgasm, to the depths of your healing, and to the heights of your ecstasy. And once you have fully anchored into that, you can then start sharing those tools and techniques with your partner or lover. 

Who Can Most Benefit from These Sessions? 

Perhaps you live in a remote location without easy access to a tantric healer, perhaps you want to learn tantric healing tools that you can continue to use on yourself, perhaps you want tools that you can use and practice with your partner (couples sessions also work amazingly), or perhaps you are limited by unique social distancing rules, due to other factors that are affecting your life at this time. 

If you find any or a number of these apply to you, then online tantric sessions could be the doorway into a revolution, and evolution, in your sex life and your love life, whilst also connecting these dimensions with any spiritual aspects of life that resonate with you. I realise that the word ‘spiritual’ attracts some and repels other. Either way, tantric healing carries profound tools for bringing you more into your body, more into your orgasmic power, and even more deeply into your heart. 

The Journey of Tantric Healing

Tantric healing is a journey. One session can be a powerful one-off experience. A series of sessions—I often recommend 10 sessions—will take you on a profound journey of sexual liberation and life transformation. I believe all of us deserve that in our lives. 

Freeing Us from the Idea that ‘Sex Is A Sin’

A common issue many people bring to this session work, is deeply ingrained family and cultural conditioning around sexuality. The notion of sex being a sin was taken on by many of us. It’s a global pandemic, in my opinion. For some, this idea that ‘sex is a sin’ may have been spoken directly to us, for others it is learnt through the fact that sex is not spoken about. Through its very omission, it is implied to be wrong, and considered shameful to even speak of it. Either way, so many of us pick up the notion that sex is a sin. 

Why were sex and spirituality split? Well, sexuality is a doorway to our power. As historians have attested to, when the Romans chose to take on Christianity as their state religion, it was systematically used as a way of wielding power across their growing empire. How can you claim dominion over an individual or nations power? Cut off the root of their power; tie sex with sin, and you wrong them for their natural, ‘animal’ nature. 

What do sinners then need? They need to repent, to keep going to church, and to keep tithing (making regular payments to the church) in order to be seen as pure. And this is just one example of how religious beliefs have been used to turn us away from our natural sexuality, and this crosses into other religious or cultural belief systems. 

It’s also not always obvious on the surface. I grew up in a secular household; religion was rarely present in my childhood and still, I, like many other people, took on these beliefs. Through tantra, over years of my own healing work, I was able to unpick the threads of these beliefs, and re-weave a new, and far more positive outlook on sexuality, and its connection to spirituality. It’s a kind of re-writing that happens in the mind, but also in the body and heart. 

Who Needs Sexual Healing?

I would venture to say almost everyone in Western culture needs it. Much of the East is little different. Until we can all joyfully claim sex as a crucial, beautiful, sacred aspect of our life, we all have a journey to go on, that will weave together all the dimensions of our being. And this is one of the root meanings of the word tantra—’to weave.’ Tantra weaves our sex, our heart, and our spirit into one unified whole. 

One word of caution: if you carry deep levels of sexual trauma, then online sessions may not be the safest place to start your healing journey as sometimes, part of the healing comes from the direct physical contact with another person, within a field of safety. Typically, I would advise such people to seek out someone in their local area, and ideally to find recommendations of people who are known and trusted in the field. But for anyone else, these sessions can be a beautiful new way of exploring and upgrading your love life and sex life. 

Taking Lovemaking to the Next Level 

A friend of mine puts it beautifully: “I came to tantra for the sex, but I ended up finding God.” Perhaps you don’t want to meet God in the bedroom just yet, or the glimpse of the Goddess in the eyes of your beloved. Or maybe that is the very thing that will carry your life into deeper and more profound places than you can possibly imagine. Sometimes, people only discover this by trying something a little outside of the box. 

Opening to Tantra as a Couple 

When I first opened to a tantric relationship, there was a level of depth and love that I had never touched before. It blew me away. It opened chambers of my heart that I didn’t know were there. Once opened, they could not be forgotten about. I knew the potential, the possibility. So, if you are in relationship already, then you could use online tantric healing sessions to deepen that connection. Invite a tantric guide into your bedroom before your lovemaking, and see how much more deeply you can be guided as a couple. Learn tools to shift superficial going-through-the-motions lovemaking into something mind-blowingly rich, and earthshakingly powerful! 

Opening to Tantra as an Individual

If you are single, then as a gift of love to yourself, invite tantric healing into your life. If you can access this directly and in person, that is beautiful. But do not dismiss the power of online sessions. I have seen them change lives just as much as sessions in the ‘real world.’  

The Power of Tantric Healing Online 

Whilst we may connect virtually through a medium such as Skype, the healing, the empowerment tools, the states of ecstasy and orgasm they can carry you into are undeniably powerful. They might shake up your sex life, but they can also precipitate a total life transformation as we reclaim our sexual power, the power of our heart, and the power of our own bodies. 

It’s time to rewrite the script around sex being a sin. It is time to reframe it as what it truly is: a loving act, just as holy as being in a church, just as sacred as any connection with the divine, and just as powerful as connecting you to the totality of life. Amped up, juicy, and fully alive! 

Book an Online Session with a Qualified Tantric Practitioner 

You can reach out to inquire about an online Tantric Healing Session with one of the qualified tantric healing practitioners listed in the Tantralize Directory. Within the Directory you will also find practitioners offering Tantric Healing Massage, Sexological Bodywork and Intimacy Coaching sessions.

You find out more info about each of these modalities on Treatments and Services page.

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