Yoni Massage: What it is, what to expect and how to find a practitioner

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Yoni massage is one of the latest natural therapies. It is said to have amazing results with sexual healing, increased orgasmic experience and overall health and energy levels, but it’s highly unconventional. Lets face it, if a masseur even goes close there, we can tense up and feel worried.

In this article, I will discuss what yoni massage is and how it can help, how to choose a good practitioner and also how to prepare yourself for a session.

What is a yoni massage?

Yoni massage is a massage around and inside the vagina for health purposes. It will always involve a long session of full-body massage to open up the body. Sometimes you may even have several bodywork sessions before the practitioner will touch your intimate parts.

Yoni massage is part of a practice called ‘traditional tantric massage’. Tantric massage is a therapeutic, energy-awakening experience that is designed to heal the body of blockages and awaken energy flow. It’s based on the same principles as yoga, in particular, kundalini yoga. Be sure to learn the differences between sensual and tantric massage.

The idea of kundalini yoga is to move energy up the body through a series of stretches and breathing exercises. This is called kundalini awakening and has the effect of improving energy levels and is considered to be both great for your health and to be a major step in experiencing spiritual enlightenment.

In a tantric massage, you can achieve what may otherwise take several years of meditation and yoga to achieve in one afternoon. That’s because a person who already has an awakened kundalini energy and who has been expertly trained in a tantric massage programme will work on your body and energy to activate the flow.

It’s very rare to have our sexual organs massaged in any therapeutic way. Sexual stimulation can be rough and may even damage nerves and cause numbness. Therapeutic massage seeks to open up blocked nerves and tendons, opening the flow of energy, which in turn opens the client to deeper orgasmic experiences.

In China and Thailand, this form of genital massage is referred to as ‘Karsai Nei Tsang’ and is practiced to this day. This is a massage which works on the tendons and lymph and can be quite painful.

It’s different from an erotic massage of the vagina or masturbation. Although it can be intensely pleasurable, it can also be a very emotional experience.

What happens in a tantric massage?

The historical origins of tantric massage are uncertain and many say it’s a modern phenomenon. However, the philosophy and practice of energy awakening is not. Tantric massage schools today teach a mixture of Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi, Karsai and Chi Nei Tsang as well as other modalities, expertly combined to open the energy flow of modern people living in the stressful environment we inhabit today.

The first thing that a practitioner will do, is massage deeply to remove any blockages from the body so that energy can flow. Blockages can be described as knots in the muscles or painful areas, but in tantra, these are considered to be emotions or traumas that have become stuck in the body.

Perhaps you have experienced a pain that won’t go away that started at a time of stress. Tantric therapists see this as a trauma that is stuck in the body which can be released through massage and also meditation. It’s just a different way of looking at the knot that the sports massage therapist will be massaging.

Perhaps you have experienced massage where you felt quite emotional? This is because a trauma was released and you finally experienced the emotions that you had been holding in and blocking in your body. Because the aim of tantric massage is to release the emotions, you can feel some intense stuff coming up. The therapist will be expertly trained to help you through this process.

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What is kundalini energy?

Kundalini energy is life force energy. The Taoists used the term ‘jing’, which loosely refers to DNA and the part of sexual energy that has the power to create life. In children, this is normally flowing, which is why they have boundless amounts of energy, but as we go through years of education, being told to sit still and not to listen to our bodies, the flow starts to shut down, leading to illness.

The kundalini energy arises in the perineum, between the sexual organs and the anus. The Taoists called this the ‘Hui Yin’ or ‘Life Spring’ and in ancient China, the Chi Kung masters would be paid 100 pieces of gold to massage and awaken this point in their students.

Why have a yoni massage?

The Yoni is not an area that we are used to having touched in a therapeutic way. Of course great sex is therapeutic, but sometimes sexual experiences or even masturbation can leave us feeling a bit off. A visit to a gynaecologist can be painful and terrifying; yoni massage is very different.

When you go for the session, the practitioner will talk to you about your experiences and what you are looking to achieve from the session. Some people say they just want the experience, others will talk about deep traumas or sexual problems they are experiencing. Any of these reason are okay.

The idea of having our intimate areas touched can be a little nerve-wracking. Remember, the therapist will have given many massages and understands that you will be feeling this.

When they start the session, it will be clear you don’t have to go through to the intimate massage if you don’t feel it, and you can always come back later. Remember that a genuine tantric practitioner will always seek your verbal consent before the yoni massage starts.

The purpose of the yoni massage is to remove any emotional and traumatic blockages in the yoni to allow the energy to flow. These blockages cause us to become numb and also affect our ability to orgasm.

According to Tantra, the natural state for any woman is to be multi-orgasmic. That is, when our energy flows, the orgasm flows too. We should even be able to orgasm from very gentle touch and should not need rough stimulation. Sadly, the reality is that we often find that orgasm is a distant phantom.

The Yoni stores a lot of energy, energy that can be taken into the flow of kundalini, but it can also store bad energy. It’s an energy magnet in itself, for good or bad, and as a part of the body we often ignore, it can easily become the storage space for toxic emotions, a bit like the back of the cupboard where we can put things when we don’t really know what to do with them.

Yoni massage works over the tissues and tendons of the vagina to reactivate and energise the flesh and to open up the energy flow. Any areas of tension are worked on.

The areas of tension are where traumas and emotions are being stored, and the tension stops the area from experiencing pleasure. This process of hardening is sometimes referred to as ‘armouring’ and the release process is known as ‘de-armouring’.

Yoni massage can be an emotional and also painful experience, but the results are incredible. As well as increased orgasm and sensitivity, there is normally an increase in overall health, and symptoms like anxiety and insomnia can reduce or disappear.

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How to find a good practitioner

Going for a yoni massage means opening up the depths of our body and soul to a stranger, so we want to know that someone is going to do a good job. There are simple steps you can do beforehand:

  • Check out their website, which will give you a sense of what they are about. If they already have a background as a therapist and teach yoga, meditation and so on, even better.
  • Check out where they trained and look at the website of the school to see if it’s reputable and to see what it’s philosophy is.
  • Look at testimonials
  • Talk to them on the phone to get a feel of what they are about. You can test them with a bit of emotional vulnerability to see how they react.
  • You can also read our guide on how to find a genuine tantric therapist.

Now you understand about yoni massage and how it works. It’s something that any adventurer will be interested to explore. It’s a deep journey into ourselves which can be an unknown and even unfamiliar territory.

The benefits are immeasurable and once you have the tantric experience, you will never look at yourself or others in the same light. The world will suddenly become a new place because you become aware of new dimensions of energy that you can experience.

If you are considering receiving a tantric massage treatment with or without the yoni massage, you can find the right tantric massage therapist for you within our directory.

You can also find erotic massage service providers and while erotic massages can be fun and enjoyable, it’s good to note that tantric healing practitioners generally are after going through appropriate training in regard to consent and boundaries, yoni massage and working with potential health or emotional issues you may be experiencing, depending on the kind of course or school of tantra they got qualified at.

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