Yoni Massage: What it is, What to Expect and How to Find a Practitioner

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Yoni massage is increasingly becoming a popular holistic therapy for women. It can offer support for a range of sexual and intimacy issues, expand a woman’s orgasmic potential, and boost health and vitality. However, it’s a specialist area of massage therapy, as most regular massage modalities completely avoid the genital area.

It’s different from an erotic (‘sensual’) massage of the vagina, or masturbation. Although it can be intensely pleasurable, it’s also a safe space for emotional release and healing past negative sexual experiences.

Authentic yoni massage is offered by trained tantric professionals from all genders. Women often choose to work with a female practitioner, however, especially they have experienced sexual trauma in the past.

In this article, I will discuss what yoni massage is and how it can help, how to choose a good practitioner, and also how to prepare yourself for a session.

What is a Yoni Massage? 

‘Yoni’ is an ancient Sanskrit word for vagina. Yoni massage is a health treatment which focuses on the area around and inside the vagina. It usually involves a long session of full-body massage to open up the body. Some women may need several bodywork sessions to build trust with the practitioner before they’re ready to receive massage of their intimate parts.

Why do Women Come for Yoni Massage Therapy?

Many of us have experienced rough sex, or sex when our body wasn’t ready, which can cause the yoni to shut down and become numb. Some women have trauma in and around their yoni caused by sexual abuse. In addition, stresses and strains of daily life, childbirth, miscarriages, gynaecological surgery, and other factors, can all profoundly affect the health not only of our yonis, but the entire pelvic area.

It’s very rare to have our sexual organs massaged in any therapeutic way. Therapeutic tantric massage seeks to open up blocked nerves and tendons, opening a flow of natural energy in the body, which in turn can open a client to deeper orgasmic experiences. It can also be a profoundly healing experience that supports women to let go of past negative experiences, and come back in touch with their sexuality in an empowered way.

What are the Origins of Yoni Massage?

The historical origins of tantric massage are uncertain and many say it’s a modern phenomenon. However, the philosophy and practice of energy awakening is an ancient science which is an important part of Indian spiritual traditions.

In ancient China and Thailand, a form of genital massage was developed called ‘Karsai Nei Tsang’, and it’s practiced to this day. This massage focuses on the tendons and lymphatic system and can be quite painful. Some of these techniques have been adopted into tantric bodywork.

Tantric massage therapy, however, takes a more gradual and gentle approach, allowing time to build trust with the client and create relaxation through a long sequence of bodywork, before working on the genital area.

What is Involved in a Yoni Massage?

Authentic tantric massage is a therapeutic, energy-awakening experience that is designed to help heal the body of emotional and physical blockages, and awaken the flow of vital life-force energy. It’s based on the same principles as yoga, especially kundalini yoga.
Tantric massage schools today often teach a mixture of bodywork modalities, including Thai, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiin), Karsai and Chi Nei Tsang (a form of abdominal massage) as well as other modalities. Many tantric practitioners also have additional therapeutic training, including professional skills for supporting emotional and trauma release, and for specific gynaecological conditions. You should check if the practitioner is ‘trauma informed’ for support with sexual or other traumas. Also, be sure to learn the differences between sensual and tantric massage.

What Happens in a Tantric Yoni Massage?

When you go for the session, the practitioner will allow plenty of time for consultation, including discussing what you’re looking to achieve, and essential agreements around consent and boundaries. Some people, for example, say they just want a new experience, whilst others will share about deep traumas or sexual problems that they are experiencing.

The idea of having our intimate areas touched by a stranger can be a little nerve-wracking. Remember, the therapist will have worked with many women, and understands that you will be feeling this.

They will explain that you don’t have to go through to the intimate massage if you change your mind at any point during the session. Your consent will always be sought again verbally before the actual yoni massage starts. A trained tantric professional will always seek to empower you during the session, by checking in with you, and supporting you to express what you do and don’t feel comfortable to receive at any point.

Then the practitioner will massage the whole body to remove tension and blockages so that vital energy can flow. Blockages can be described as knots in the muscles or painful areas, but in tantra, these may also be understood to be areas which hold stuck emotions or past traumas in the body’s cellular memory.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a pain that won’t go away that started at a time of stress. Tantric therapists see this as a trauma that is still held by the body, which can be released through touch, breath and awareness. It’s a different way of looking at the knot that a sports massage therapist, for example, would work on.

Perhaps you’ve experienced massage where you felt quite emotional? This may be because a traumatic experience was activated in the cellular memory during the massage, and you finally experienced some emotions that you had been holding in your body. You may feel some intense stuff coming up in the session, and a professional tantric therapist will create a safe space for you to go through this process.


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Activating Kundalini Energy in The Body

An authentic tantra practitioner can help you to experience vital life-force energy in your body in a relatively short period of time, compared to some meditation and yoga practices. That’s because they have specialist training in tantric bodywork and understand how to activate the flow of energy during a session. Removing tension and blocks in the body is the preparation for activating this energy.

This life-force energy is called ‘kundalini’ in yogic traditions (or ‘prana’, when associated with the breath). Taoists uses the term ‘jing chi’, which loosely refers to DNA and the part of sexual energy that has the power to create life. In children, this is normally flowing, which is why they have boundless amounts of energy. However, as we go through years of education, being told to sit still and not to listen to our bodies, the flow starts to shut down, and it can lead to illness.

Kundalini energy arises in the perineum, between the sexual organs and the anus. When activated, it works its’ way up the centre of the body towards the crown of the head. Tantric practitioners can help activate this energy during the session and also teach clients to move it throughout the body. These ancient practices can lead to increased energy levels, which is great for your health, and it can also become a pathway for spiritual awakening.

The Taoists called this life-force energy the ‘Hui Yin’ or ‘Life Spring’ and in ancient China, the Chi Kung masters would be paid 100 pieces of gold to massage and awaken this point in their students.

Yoni Massage Can Help Women to Become Multi-orgasmic

According to ancient tantric traditions, the natural state for any woman is to be multi-orgasmic. That is, when our energy flows, the orgasm flows too. We should even be able to orgasm from very gentle touch and should not need rough stimulation. Sadly, the reality is that many women find it difficult to experience their full orgasmic potential.

The yoni stores a lot of energy, energy that can be taken into the flow of kundalini, but it can also store negative energy. It’s an energy magnet in itself, both positive and negative, but it’s also a part of the body we often ignore, it can easily become the storage space for toxic emotions, a bit like the back of the cupboard where we put things when we don’t really know what to do with them.

Yoni massage works over the tissues and tendons of the vagina to reactivate and energise the flesh and to open up the energy flow. Any areas of tension are worked on.

Areas of tension can be where past trauma and emotions are stored, and this tension stops the area from experiencing pleasure. This hardening is a defense mechanism in the body which is sometimes referred to as ‘armouring’ and the release process is known as ‘de-armouring’.

Yoni massage can be an emotional and also painful experience, but the results can be life-changing. As well as increased orgasm and sensitivity, there can be an improvement in overall health, and symptoms like anxiety and insomnia can be reduced, or even disappear.


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How to Find a Good Practitioner

Going for a yoni massage means opening up the depths of our body and soul to a stranger, so we want to know that the practitioner is going to hold a safe and professional space for us, especially around consent and boundaries. Here are some important steps to take before you book a session:

  • Check out the practitioner’s website, which will give you a sense of what they are about. If they also have a background in yoga and meditation and so on, even better.
  • Check out where they trained and look at the website of the school to see if it’s reputable and if you resonate with their philosophy.
  • Look at client testimonials
  • Talk to them on the phone. You can test them with a bit of emotional vulnerability to see how they react. You need to feel connection and trust with the practitioner – they will expect you to ask questions before deciding whether to work with them.
  • You can also read our guide on how to find a genuine tantric therapist.

Now you understand about yoni massage and how it works. It’s something that any adventurer will be interested to explore. It’s a deep journey into ourselves.

The benefits can be immeasurable, and once you have experienced a genuine tantric experience, you will never look at yourself or others in the same light. The world can suddenly become a new place when you become aware of new dimensions of energy that you can experience.

You can find a qualified Tantric Massage Therapist in your area in the Tantric Healing section of the Tantralize Directory.


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